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Ubuntu GNOME is approved as an official flavor!

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Enjoy :)

We are pleased to announce that Ubuntu GNOME is now an official Ubuntu flavour. We recently applied to the Tech Board to become an official Ubuntu flavour and the Tech Board approved our request at their most recent meeting


Ubuntu GNOME aims to bring a mostly pure GNOME desktop experience to Ubuntu. Our first release for 12.10 showed that there was a strong demand for a great GNOME experience on Ubuntu and we are now working towards our second release based on Ubuntu 13.04.

We will not be participating in this week’s Beta 1 Release but we are planning to release images for the Final Beta at the end of the month. Daily image builds are currently being set up and we except that they will be available within a few weeks.

Ubuntu GNOME 13.04 will be released with GNOME 3.6, since Ubuntu held back on GNOME this cycle. We are however making GNOME 3.8 available from the gnome3-team PPA.

As always we are always on the lookout for new contributors. There are plenty of tasks beyond coding and packaging that we could use help with!

If you would like to get involved in the Ubuntu GNOME community, need support or have bugs to report,
we can be found at:

Mailing List:
IRC: #ubuntu-gnome channel on the freenode network.
Website: Coming Soon...

On behalf of the Ubuntu GNOME developers,
Tim Lunn

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  • Swapnil Chitnis

    Congratulations everybody!

  • alex285


  • gutigen

    Gnome + Ubuntu = Perfect desktop experience. Great news :)

  • G-K

    Congratulations! This is a good news (for all Gnome-Fans around the world) …

  • "#"varemenos Adonis K.

    Tears of joy ;)

    Now hoping/waiting for the rolling distro strategy of Ubuntu for maximum pleasure

    • foobar

      Ubuntu is going to stick with the release-approach.

  • AventinuZ

    Good news everyone! Damn, I love Futurama :D
    About time though.

    • alex285

      haha, I added that!

  • powered_by_tux

    Good, although it’s a bit of a shame that 13.04 will ship GNOME 3.6. I am definitely going to be using the PPA.

  • Arron Washington

    Ehhh, they’re already behind shipping 3.8, and Canonical is going its own direction in the future with Qt/QML, so what are the odds that Ubuntu Gnome is going to be worth anything if they just ship whatever Canonical provides in the repository? It’s gonna be on 3.6 for a long time, I think. :/

    • alex285

      What Qt/QML does it matter? Besides you never know what toolkit people will choose. Gnome makes its own SDK, Canonical their own SDK, but both will work either in a GNOME distro or Ubuntu.

      Plus my opinion is that everyone will end up to using WebKit ;)

      • Philip Witte

        Yeah, it would be interesting to see a distro that was primarily written in HTML5/Webkit, but also had a good way for native programs to run. IDK enough about it, but I think Tizen might actually be this (or potentially Sailfish).

      • Arron Washington

        The more Canonical pushes Qt/QML, the less likely they’ll rely on Gnome applications written in GTK+, which in turn decreases the pressure to ship newer versions of Gnome 3.

        If you’re on Ubuntu right now and you’re not enabling the gnome3 team repositories, you’re already missing out on a lot of great applications and bugfixes. What’s the driving force that would convince Canonical to upgrade to Gnome 3.x in the future, if most of the applications they ship out of the box are Qt-based?

    • gutigen

      Why Ubuntu Gnome couldn’t ship with Gnome 3 Team PPA added to repo list by default (and all those 3.8 packages ofc)?.

      • alex285

        Because they couldn’t get the “Official thing” from Canonical they were doing that. They should use Canonical’s official repos.

        • gutigen

          Oh… that suck :/ But I guess it makes sense for stability and security reasons.

  • "#"terrence.a.davis1 Terrence Andrew Davis

    Linux is for atheists, SparrowOS is God’s temple.

  • luke

    Finally, I can’t wait :)

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