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Screen Lock Vs Login Screen in the upcoming Gnome

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Lets have a screen tour

The new Login Screen

No big differences so far…

Pick the user and type the login password..

In case the login is wrong Login Screen prompts you to try again. Still nothing quite new..

What is this arrow on the bottom? It is a roll up/down curtain exactly similar to Windows 8 login! I don’t know the benefits of this approach but it looks nice. The people that have tried Windows 8 they know how it works. There is a working demonstration that you can watch in fedorapeople.

The new Screen Lock

The new Screen Lock let us to listen music and read our messages.

Of course rolling curtain is also here!

We unroll curtain and we unlock screen. Lock password can be different than login password! That is a nice feature because while we can have a complicated 10 digits login password we can have a more friendly four digit pin to unlock the screen.  In the end of the day, we login only once a day, while we unlock screen many times.

A cool feature is that even in lock screen we can access some system options as volume bar, and turn the sound up and down.

Screen Lock Vs Login Screen

So why these two modules while are so identically similar are at the same time two different projects? Simply the serve two different goals. Login Screen is just to authenticate the user and  loading its personal profile. While usually on Laptops and mostly on Tablets/Smart Phones we have only one user per system, this is not always the case. After all Linux and Gnome will always be a genuine multi-user system and always will address multi-purposes.

Screen Lock goals are:

  • Shield system from stray taps and clicks when locked
  • Protect the security of the user’s session
  • Display important system status information (battery, network)
  • Display the name of the user
  • Display the current time
  • Display important (defined by the user) notifications
  • Display urgent system notifications (low power)
  • Display personalized user content (background image)
  • Provide access to media controls
  • Provide access to display (brightness, etc) controls
  • Use the preferred language, keyboard, and input methods for the user


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  • jp

    Looks nice, but I hope it will be usable with mouse/keyboard.

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  • ScionicSpectre

    Awesome- I also hope it won’t take extra steps for keyboard/mouse users. It would be exciting to try on a tablet, but I’m still waiting for an onscreen keyboard that works universally. Perhaps Maliit could be used in its place?

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