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Polari | A new IRC Client for GNOME 3.12(?)!

Polari is an Internet Chat Client designed specifically for GNOME 3. The first commit made by Florian Mullner on June 19, and work started around GUADEC in August. So it is a quite new project.

Does it work? Yep!


Florian Mullner and John McCann are online on Polari room. The developer and the designer of Polari.


  • Talk in chat rooms
  • Save history
  • Clearly identify “mentions”
  • Allow easy access to history
  • Remember last used rooms
  • Offer sensible list of networks
  • Detect links posted in the room and display them
  • Support saving or sending transcripts
  • Native GNOME 3 notifications
  • Integrated pastebin support
  • Integrated bugzilla support
  • File transfers
  • Support for 20+ rooms and private chats
  • Contacts integration (display servers, nicks and availability in GNOME Contacts)?


Polari is proposed for GNOME 3.12


Florian Mullner says:

Polari is a simple IRC client designed for GNOME 3. Tentative designs have been around for a while, but hacking only started around Guadec. It is obviously not end-user ready at that point, but I’m confident that it can be in time for 3.12, thus this feature proposal.

Some Features

Don’t expect Polari to be as feature complete as X Chat, but it looks good, it does what suppose to do and it will have this unique integration with GNOME 3 that all new GNOME 3 applications deliver!


Typical Selection mechanism of newer GNOME 3 Apps, with this nice light blue


Connect to a new server is available from Application Menu only


Connection Details are quite limited at this time


Join a room gives you a list with the servers that you are connected

Polari is on the very early steps, so nothing much else to show. But it has potential! Similar design plans are also discussed for Empathy, but there isn’t any implementation yet.

To build it you will need a JHBuild installation. Even if it is possible now to compile it in a 3.10 environment, Polari will soon require 3.11.x dependencies.

See more at Wikis!


By the way if you see the Tentative designs on Wikis, I have to say that the reality is quite different. Polari looks and feels much much better than mock-ups!

Polari is written in Javascript and C



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  • Matthew Javelet

    Anybody have a 64bit rpm already built so us fedora 20 users can try it out?

    • alex285

      I doubt, there isn’t even a version of Polari yet :)

      • Khurshid Alam

        Off-topic: Plz fix the twitter channel. I am not getting any update from the blog posts since the blog redesign for mobile. Thanks.

    • Florian Müllner

      Heh, there hasn’t even been a pre-release yet!

      That said, I do
      have a spec file locally and here[0] is the corresponding build - just
      keep in mind that it’s still at an early stage of development …


      • Matthew Javelet

        you’re the man! i knew somebody had to have something ;)

      • foobar

        I know this isn’t a place for feature requests, but I’d like to allude that you could easily turn it into the best irc-client ever by allowing regexp-based and channel-specific /highlighting. Specially #2. Always sucks when you are hanging around in the channel for a given application you are heavily involved in and want to track other channels (like gnome hackers) for questions.

  • Randy Peralta

    No suelo usar IRC pero se ve bien y me gusta lo que busca.

  • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

    That’s a rather useful app

  • Carlos Soriano Sánchez

    ups, you got me asking Florian silly beginner things about glade to implementing some missing things in polari…haha I’m ashamed… =)

  • Cristobal

    That looks really nice ;)

  • Dread Knight

    Looks pretty awesome! Can’t wait to try it out :-) One thing I like about XChat is a feature called “colored nicknames”, which makes following conversations really easy, especially when in a lot of channels.

  • Goddard

    Looks good

  • Khurshid Alam

    Why is your twitter channel not updating?

  • ScionicSpectre

    As an IRC ‘addict’, I honestly can’t wait for this. That combined Mail and Chat app wouldn’t be such a shabby addition, either.

    I’m honestly really ecstatic about what’s going on in GNOME, and it’s working and looking great to me. I just want more apps with more of the features I’ve come to expect from basic GNOME 2 era apps. Apps like Pidgin, XChat, and Firefox are already so mature it’s hard for me to switch wholesale to the more consistent GNOME 3 experience.

    I don’t need the excessive amount of features those provide, but I just need the core features I expect to work well. Contacts is a good example of a great GNOME 3 app that does its job incredibly well at the moment, and I can’t wait to see the other core apps get that robust.

    Back on topic, this already looks like a promising addition to the family. :)

  • Guilherme Gondim

    Can I install it on GNOME 3.4?

    • KD

      No, it requres gtk3>=3.9.12 as AUR package says >:D

  • ApostolisA

    really cool! but 3.12 is still pretty far…

  • ScionicSpectre

    Well, using it now (it’s available from the AUR). It’s working really well already- I’m optimistic! Will report bugs.

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