Gnome becomes again the default desktop for Debian?

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It seems that Debian switches back to Gnome from Xfce for their default desktop, but I am placing a question mark on it, as I didn’t find an relevant discussion about the reasons for that move [1] ..or if this change will be final for Debian 7 -more likely will be.

Christian Perrier pushed a commit in Tasksel Git, 11 days ago, (Again revert xfce default) that removes Xfce as default and replaces it with Gnome. 

Christian said:

Xfce default is not vetted by Debian release managers. Joey re-added it because he was thinking that no other upload would be needed. However, an RC bug popped up, which had to be fixed, and I could not leave the “XFce default” change in the same upload, as it would then not qualify for wheezy.

In short, I very much doubt that Debian wheezy will have Xfce by default. It will have GNOME if nothing changes.

I have never tried Debian and I don’t know either how versions or Tasksel work there. I just installed a Wheezy Beta 3 (Netinst Image) in Vbox and it works like this:

By choosing Desktop Environment in Debian in Tasksel

You get Gnome by default

Of course that doesn’t mean that Gnome has a better support in Debian from other Desktops (KDE, XFCE etc), but it is more likely that users will install the default; in any case this is just a small detail.

At some point Xfce [1] was the default desktop environment to install when the desktop task was selected, and that happened because Gnome couldn’t fit in a CD according to commit reporting from Joey.

Switch Default Desktop Task to Xfce

This ensures that the desktop will fit on CD#1, which gnome currently does not.

There may be other reasons to prefer xfce as the default as well, but that is a complex and subjective topic. Unfortunatly, Debian does not have a well-defined procedure for making such choices, though it certianly has well-defined procedures for reviewing them.

So, I’ve decided to be bold, and continue the tradition of making an arbitrary desktop selection for Debian in tasksel.

In Wheezy Beta 3 a highlight is that most of GNOME fits into CD#1 again (network-less installation).

In short Debian 7 will have Gnome by default if nothing changes. You can find some further info in Debian’s Gnome Wiki and Debian Wheezy Wiki.

[1] Noticing that Debian switch to Xfce was changed in the git but it wasn’t actually released  in a stable release and Xfce default wasn’t vetted by Debian release managers. You can read more in Jeremy’s G+ about that. However there was a wrong speculation that Debian might switch to Xfce. That change is now reverted anyways.


  • "#"jorgejhms Jorge Meneses

    It was never a final desition. Someone proposed to use xfce. After a week some people release a compresed version of Gnome that fit again in the CD1. But every blog out there start shouting about gnome diched by debian….

    • alex285

      I understood exactly what happened after this post from the comments in G+. It is clear now to me.. Rumors…

  • "#"tlindmae Tanel Lindmäe

    I’m just glad debian stayed with gnome, because gnome 2 was the best environment possible, but somewhy they screwed it up with gnome 3. I just use gnome classic and hope the gnome developers come to senses and restore gnome old (normal) layout.