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Gnome announces BoD roles on public

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What is nice to see in a community driven project is transparency; transparency behind the design choices, transparency on important decisions making, transparency on setting goals and of course transparency behind the people that actually run the project!

With no further ado here are the people that sitting on Gnome’s golden chairs :)

Brian Cameron - Chairman


  • Prepares an agenda and sends it 2 days before the board meeting
  • Makes sure that meeting details are available (phone number, asterisk server, etc.)
  • Leads the meeting, following the agenda, makes sure we don’t get tied in knots.


Brian currently works at:

  • Serving as secretary on the GNOME FoundationBoard for my third term.
  • I co-maintain GDM
  • Work to integrate GNOME into OpenSolaris and with the Oracle Sun Ray product.
  • I am the Technical Lead for Desktop Multimedia at Oracle.
  • I have been involved with GNOME a11y, and have contributed to libgail
  • SunARC

He also plays in a rock band called The Sheep Fiends but he looks like a member from Oasis band :)

Brian’s Gnome Page


Bastian Nocera - Vice Chairman


  • In the absence of the Chairman shall perform the duties of the Chairman.

Bastian currently works at:

  • Totem
  • GnomeBluetooth
  • Rhythmbox
  • shared-mime-info
  • gvfs (obexftp and AFC backends)
  • SystemSettings (gnome-control-center, gnome-settings-daemon)
  • libfprint and fprintd

Bastian’s Gnome Page


Emmanuele Bassi - Secretary


  • Takes minutes of board and advisory board meetings.
  • Publishes meeting minutes within a week or two of the meeting.
  • Takes note of actions and discussion since the preceding meeting (such as items discussed on the board mailing list) and ensures they are included in the meeting minutes.
  • Strives to keep information (such as process documentation) on the GNOME Foundation website and Wiki organized.

Emmanuele currently works at:

  • GTK2-Perl - GTK+/GNOME Perl bindings

- Gnome2::GConf - GConf
- Gnome2::Print - libgnomeprint/libgnomeprintui

  • recent-files - old recent files code in libegg - deprecated
  • ProjectRidley

- RecentFilesAndBookmarks - recent files and bookmarks for Gnome done right - done
- ProjectRidley/EggLinkButton - GnomeHRef replacement - done
- GTK+/ApplicationClass - a GnomeApp replacement

  • GnomeUtils

- GnomeUtils/Dictionary - The dictionary application and applet inside GnomeUtils
- GnomeUtils/Screenshot - The screenshot application

  • LibUnique - a library for creating single instance applications
  • Clutter - A GObject-based library using GL to create advanced user interfaces
  • JsonGlib - a simple GLib/GObject based library for parsing and generating JSON data streams, plus (de)serializing GObjects
  • TwitterGlib - a C wrapper around the (almost-) RESTful API provided by Twitter

Emmanuele’s Gnome Page


Shaun McCance - Treasurer


  • Monthly report to board on financial situation (cash, receivables, outstanding bills, expenditures, income)
  • Interact with accountant

Shaun currently works at:

  • I head up the Gnome Documentation Project.
  • I’m the lead developer for Yelp, the Gnome documentation viewer.
  • I’m the lead developer for gnome-doc-utils, a collection of various documentation utilities used by Gnome.
  • I spearhead Mallard project, a completely new way of doing documentation.
  • I created Pulse^WBlip, the pan-galactic project tracker.

Shaun’s Gnome Page


Gnome also has a set of roles within the board to allow us to know who is responsible as a point of contact for various items


  • Primarily it’s our contact with the Release Team
  • Also facilitation and help on request connecting either internal GNOME teams/people and external development collaboration projects like, desktop architects and so on.


  • Contact with GUADEC, Boston Summit and any event with GNOME participation
  • Answering requests for funding actions / people in conferences.


  • Contact with the Sysadmin/Infrastructure Team, servers ownership and anything related to hardware and hosting.


  • Contact with the Legal Team, copyrights and licensing.
  • Anything where a lawyer may help.


  • Contact with the Marketing Team, budget for merchandising, campaigns.


  • Contact with the current marketing-private, Press team and Press contact.


  • Contact with the GNOME ecosystem of free software organizations, companies, public sector, university…
  • Something like a Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Gnome’s Foundation Board Page

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