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California | A New Calendar App 4 GNOME 3 by Jim Nelson!

I just saw this from GNOME Recent Changes, and I couldn’t find much more details about it. It seems that Jim Nelson from Yorba is working on a new calendar application for GNOME 3. Judging from the previous projects of Yorba (Geary, Shotwell) we should expect something good coming!


Above is the Gnome-Calendar App. It looks great, but it also seems a little bit forgotten..



This is California Calendar. It requires GTK 3.12 (for popovers) and currently isn’t a really working application. It uses EDS (Evolution Data Server) and it is written in Vala.

Planned Features

  • Modern, clean interface
  • Quick setup (if any is required at all)
  • Uses EDS for calendar access, potentially other specialized backends (i.e. GData)
  • Desktop notification of events



Copyrights go to Yorba Foundation, but California so far is a personal job of Jim, at least according to Git-logs. First commit made this January, so it is a pretty new application and under heavy development.

California Page

Both applications above are built today from upstream against GNOME 3.12

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  • jb

    In my opinion, evolution is actually a dark spot in gnome 3. Is it not possible to use yorba application to propose différent dedicate application ? Now yorda is on the gnome dev plateform, it should be possible to use Geary to remplace this dinosor call evolution (funny name)

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  • Alex

    California looks nice. But it’s a little pity that meanwile there are a few distinct projects for a calendar (maya, gnome calendar, …) any of them it’s really usefull yet. Would’t be better if they focus in only one good calendar for gtk users?