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Zukitwo for 3.6 is here!

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Here is a complete changelog that shows what has been done during the last few days:


  • GTK3: Some minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Shell theme: Switch buttons now visible again.
  • XFWM4: Updated the theme to the new look. (If you don’t have any left or right borders see: [link] )


  • GTK3/GTK2/Metacity: Some bug fixes.
  • GTK3: Some minor improvements to linked buttons and entrys.


  • GTK3/Shell: Updated to work with Gnome (GTK+) 3.6. Will break in any earlier or later versions of Gnome.
  • Shell theme: Changed the previous look on buttons and borders etc. Made the panel a bit darker.
  • Mutter: New buttons taken from my previous Zukiwi theme.

All this doesn’t come without any complains though. The ever changing nature of Gnome often frustrates the maintainers of various themes and extensions and in some cases leads to the abandonment or discontinuation of many projects. The creator of Zukitwo says:

Because Gnome 3.6 is the worst release of Gnome so far – this theme no longer contains Zukitwo-Dark. I had no motivation to maintain it any longer. There are also plenty of old and new bugs plus regressions.

Let’s hope that things will soon change in the compatibility front, and that artists will focus more in creating than in porting things…

Zukitwo Theme  How to theme GNOME 3

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  • Adonis K (Vαяēмēиøš)

    The gtk theme is magnificent (which i used for the past 1-2 days i think) but my only issue is, when using the keyboard shortcuts to increase or lower the volume, the screen indicator is really useless. You will understand what im talking about once you compare the behaviour of this gtk theme versus Adwaita (for example).

    The shell theme was kinda dull (can’t comment on it more, didn’t like it at all).

    • billtoulas

      Well…at least you get something more vague with the three scales…It doesn’t bother me as I use my ears for adjusting, not my eyes :)

      • Adonis K (Vαяēмēиøš)

        well Its a minor issue but i got used to adwaita’s way of displaying the actual percentages bellow the 3scale feedback :(

    • Philip Witte

      There are keyboard shortcuts to change the volume?

      • Adonis K (Vαяēмēиøš)

        yes there are and thats what im doing but the feedback from the volume changing is inconsistent.

      • JJ

        volume keys in keyboard?

    • lassekongo83

      It’s being looked into. There’s so much I can’t debug when working in a virtual machine. :P
      If I’m not mistaken I think it’s called osd. I’ll just copy that from Adwaita. I can’t really test the look of it.

      • Adonis K (Vαяēмēиøš)

        Ok thank you very much!

  • Masishta

    I have a problem with all these themes in gtk 3.6
    when you using it with gtk 3 it is good.but when you open a gtk 2 or Qt apps they are using default Adwaita theme
    I don’t know what is the problem.
    am I the only one having this problem?

    • JJ

      if you r in fedora try instlling libgnomeui (It is installed in ubuntu by default and should theme just fine). If in other distro search and install the right package.

  • Pedro

    They should really fix this customization things. An upgrade shouldn’t break all existing extensions and themes. Besides they need to merge gnome-tweak-tool and settings, since it is one of the first apps everybody downloads. Also, they say they want to use the dark theme only for graphism related apps, and I agree, but why then is the activities overview very dark, and every shell menu black? They should at least offer a light alternative (white, light grey..) so that it’s easy to read these things.

    Other than that loving gnome shell

  • Pedro

    And maybe, instead of this difficult to browse extension site, they could offer them (and some very polished themes like this one) at the new software app they are developing

  • Michael Heyns

    Zukwito, and especially Zukwito Colours, is such a beautiful themeset. Too bad this isn’t working on my system.