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Yorba’s Geary 0.4 can now Search ;)

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There are some good news for people who are using Geary Mail Client. Yorba has included a search functionality in the upcoming version 0.4 (unknown date release) that comes to solve the strongest weakness of Geary since day one.

Adam Dingle (dev & founder of Yorba) had worked in Google Desktop developing Indexing algorithms, so we expect something really good on Geary’s search. Search uses SQLite FTS (Full Text Search) and is as-fast-as-you-can-type (I think). However Search functionality isn’t yet 100% completed.

This is Geary 0.3 + Git as is today, with only 44% features completed towards to version 0.4. Of course there are many new things than search, but since I am not using it, I can’t have an opinion about. If you do use it, you can check all the changes.


Geary’ Search Box on top right

GNOME 3 Integration

“Geary is a lightweight email program designed around conversations and built for the GNOME desktop.” That is what Yorba says in their web-page. At first sight it looks like a GNOME App, is GTK3 is Vala, it follows some (but not all) of GNOME HIG, and it is also going to use GNOME’s Symbolic Icons.


You can set Geary’s Notifications from G-C-C, but you cannot use the IMAP or Gmail accounts from GOA.  And this is the reason:

Application Menu (Help, About, Settings) is also absent.


Notifications work fine when is just one, but get bugged when more than one

I am not sure if Geary gives priority to Unity or GNOME -probably is more Unity-, but Yorba’s guys are also GNOME Contributors, and in any case they have built a very nice application.

You can follow the instructions for building Geary from sources

There is also a PPA with unstable daily builds for Ubuntu users


Yorba didn’t achieve the goal of $100.000 in their crowdfunding campaign, but they succeeded $50,860 pledged by 1,192 donors in just one month.  The amount is impressive for that type of project, specially cause of the dependency of Linux users with Gmail.

GNOME also struggles to collect the just $20.000 in their campaign (eventually they will, they always do), while Canonical has also added a Donate Page, when you are downloading Ubuntu.

I believe that donating in Free Software is as good as donating to Unicef. Free Software creates equal chances for people and makes the world better.

GNOME is lucky enough (other free projects aren’t) to be money independent (but community dependent), and donating is the less you can do to help GNOME evolve. Coding, Translating, Designing and Promoting GNOME should be your first priorities and donating is just the last resort.

This is a joke -with a bit of reality. How they call GNOME after a $100.000.000 donation? Ubuntu ;)

When money come in, Free Software goes out. Not Free Software as software, but as philosophy and culture (call me Android).

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  • ShaffafAhmed

    good guys doing good work for no pay ..

  • Matthew Javelet

    i just hope the integration gets better and i can minimize to tray so i don’t have to have a dedicated window or workspace just so i can get email notifications.

    i also hope they improve the design in the next release. still looks like pre-alpha ware.

    • Domagoj Bet

      Very good point there regarding tray minimizing Matthew!

      • alex285

        That is why more “Unity”, Unity doesn’t need that. Geary is minimized in Dash and is like running in background.

  • Helmuth Saatkamp

    I loved the joke: P

  • Techlive Zheng

    A great GUI mail client, less heavy, loved it already.

  • yaron_va

    Great! Finally i can use it without switching sometimes to gmail

  • Domagoj Bet

    They should have divided the donations into more parts, IMHO. Two for 50 000 or something like that. At least that way they would have recieved the money.

    Also, it is much more effective to say, for instance, “if this donation round is successful, we will integrate these and these awesome features that you requested”, and do that periodically. Users are much more attracted if you offer them tangible solutions that they can relate to.

    A general big campaign in such an early stage is insufficiently effective marketing-wise.

    • Jim Nelson

      People who make these kinds of comments seem to have no idea how grueling a 30-day crowdfunding campaign is, whether it’s $10K or $100K. It takes a tremendous amount of time and energy.

      When you say “it is much more effective” to periodically ask for less money — do you have some evidence or an example?

      And we did offer tangibles — we released the third version of Geary in the middle of the crowdfunding campaign! We weren’t preaching vaporware, we were asking for money to improve something you could download and run.

      And the campaign wasn’t done at an early stage — we’ve been working on Geary for two years now.

      More on this topic:

  • Marco Scannadinari

    I wish they would use native icons accesible via GTK APIs rather than the elementary icon theme ones

    • Jim Nelson

      Geary uses the GTK theme icons wherever possible, and is not hardwired to elementary’s platform in any way. There are a couple of custom icons where we couldn’t find suitable ones in the theme, but that’s it.

      • Marco Scannadinari

        case in point: toolbar (especially annoying is the cog icon) ?

        • Jim Nelson

          The cog icon is indeed custom, but it’s not from elementary. The toolbar is standard GTK; that it doesn’t look like the latest toolbars in Nautilus doesn’t mean we’ve hacked together some custom system.

          • Marco Scannadinari

            No, not the toolbar, but the buttons which they have used i assume a custom vector or bitmap instead of those stored as gtk constants. In python i recall it is as easy as Gtk.GTK_ICON_$ICON or something like that, but then again, it *is* python :)

  • Jeremy Bicha

    I think this explains Yorba’s position on Online Accounts integration:

    • alex285

      Aha. thanks for the link!

  • XubuntuFan

    This is great news. Geary has a ton of potential to become the default client of choice for Linux. The only reason I had not been using it so far was the inability to search. Well, that bridge has been crossed in version 0.4 (released today on the PPA)! Congrats to the developers!

  • warp

    Love the new version 4!
    But….. resizing of account column seems no longer possible. It’s far too wide now.