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Yorba exciting times of crowd funding!

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Why crowd funding?

Being a company like Yorba, creating and developing software for free operating systems is a difficult and challenging thing to do in financial terms. Adam Dingle was kind enough to offer more information about what his ideas and aspirations regarding his company model are on this interview, but still the sustainability of such efforts is very controversial.

It seems that a new plan is set for Yorba that aims to answer to the sustainability via crowd funding question. As Adam Dingle explained in the 2012 GUADEC, Kickstarter vast success inspired him to set a similar scene on an open source basis. The more specific aim (and experiment hall) right now is to make Geary completely crowd funded and thus, developed towards the users desires.


User videos!

In an attempt to create the best short video that describes the vision of the project, Yorba is asking users of Geary and Shotwell to create short videos (under 2 minutes) of themselves describing their experience with the software – what you like about them, why you use them, and more importantly, one or two of your top Geary wishlist items — features that would make it the perfect email client.

Hopefully, a compilation of these videos will inspire more people and will result in a crowdfunded and user driven development of Geary. To submit your videos, email with a link to your video — FTP, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. — along with your name, your work or other affiliation (optional) and your location. The plan on starting this campaign soon, so be sure to send your video testimonials by Friday, March 15.

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