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yorba, a modern Gnome company!

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I didn’t know about Geary since then, so I checked it and.. Wow, it is a fantastic App, the best mail client by far, -in its special kind. But this post isn’t about just Geary, it is about this modern company. YORBA!

yorba is famous from..

..Shotwell! Yeap, you all have this awesome photo manager App but how many did you know that was a product from yorba?

There is no reason to talk about Shotwell (Shotwell Vs F-Spot) as it is one of the most famous Apps for Gnome, but yorba has more to present us.


I won’t even review Geary because it doesn’t need to. It simply rocks, just try it!

I will only spend some words in here about its installation. First of, Geary is on version 0.1 and the next version 0.2 will be released in September (together with Gnome 3.6) with awesome new features.  If you want to try it and you have an Ubuntu 12.04 you are lucky because yorba gives an installation repository. But if you have another distro, just forget it!

I tried to build Geary from its stable source (o.1) and from Git, in Fedora 17, Fedora 18, Ubuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu 12.04 with none luck. I even recompiled Vala in order to build it, but what I managed was to waist for nothing 4-5 hours.

However all the building issues are already in Geary’s bugzilla so I guess that will be gone by the next weeks and of course I’ll try it again and make a review.  for now:

Under Ubuntu 12.04

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:yorba/ppa

sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

sudo apt-get install geary

Geary Homepage

But there is more!

Yorba also gives two nice tools for developers:

    Valencia: Valencia is a plugin that turns gedit into a lightweight IDE for Vala


  • No configuration needed: simply open a .vala file and browse its symbols immediately
  • Jump to definitions of classes, methods, fields, and variables
  • Build your project within gedit, with build output in a gedit pane
  • Double-click any build error to jump to the line where it occurred
  • Use the Run command to run your program, with output appearing in a gedit pane
  • Tooltips displaying method prototypes
  • Autocompletion suggestions


    gexiv2: gexiv2 is a GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library.

It makes the basic features of Exiv2 available to GNOME applications.

And there is much more!

yorba also develop two more apps, that they are some inactive as they lack in resources.

Fillmore: Fillmore is a multitrack audio recorder/editor for GNOME, based on GStreamer and Gnonlin. It is written in Vala.

Lombard: Lombard is a video editor for the GNOME desktop. It is written in Vala and is based on GStreamer and Gnonlin.

They are lacking in resources but..

yorba is hiring!

Are you interested to work in yorba? Learn more!

when people love what they do!

yorba not only make some great software but they also maintain a great webpage. On there you’ll find an answer to everything. Documentation, roadmaps, features, tutorials. This is an example how a modern Gnome software should behave, both offline and online!

yorba web page 

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  • gavin

    how do they make money?

    • alex diavatis

      I don’t know, I guess from custom coding. I hope they can talk us; I email them

  • Padster

    Geary is in the Yorba daily builds PPA:

    • alex diavatis

      Pff, If I knew that before :( ..Thank you for mention it!

      • Padster

        np ^^

  • mobo

    shotwell is great for JPG from point and shoot cams. but RAW and RAW+JPEG support is broken. it could be a good filemanager for darktable if there was a bit more integration…

  • liam

    I’m glad you decided to give geary a whirl. As you say, it is quite good right now even though it is a very young project. The devs at Yorba have a great balance of coding ability (especially architecting these apps since you can see they arent hacked together) and design. It’s too bad the core gnome team are so difficult to work with b/c these devs would be a fantastic asset to core gnome.

    • alex diavatis

      Geary is awesome! By the way the founder of yorba is in GUADEC conference so I guess there is some communication between them (Gnome-yorba).

  • liam

    Alex, I forgot to mention that you can compile for fedora. The issue, iirc, was that it requires an older version of libgee. It says it requires gee-1.0 but that actually refers to libgee .6-.7, iirc. The more recent libgee (.7+, again, iirc) uses returned to a pre 1.0 status. So, libgee-0.6 (once again, I THINK that was the version) is what you need to install in order to get it to compile.

    • alex diavatis

      If I can recall correctly, the last issue I couldn’t solve was the deprecated GnomeKeyring for libgnomekeyring. I tried both with vala 0.17.3 and then vala 0.17.2 which I compiled my self.

      • liam

        I don’t recall an issue with keyring, but it seems like there was a small problem with vala. When I have some time I’ll look into it and see what I did.

  • mankou

    Whoever designed this, must really like…