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Xnoise 0.2.14 is now Android friendly!

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The methodical way of developing an application usually results in refining and enriching things that gradually support more and more user needs. This time the case was about small additions and options like the ability to edit genres, add some sort modes for album-art-view, add optional “genre-artist-album” sort mode in music browser and many more details like bug fixes and code cleanups.




Not everything can be developed in a smooth gradient way though, and the settings dialog design was not satisfying for the Xnoise developers so they decided to rework it once again. Looks good to me as it is now…


Some reworking was done in the functionality of the equalizer too, as you can now activate it only after you’ve opened the corresponding window.

Android Support

Maybe the most important thing about this new version is the basic Android device implementation. What exactly can you do?

  • Read Android device content
  • Preview listening from Android device
  • Add tracks to Android device
  • Support drag n drop to the device
  • Copy albums and artists to the device

I couldn’t find a compatibility list, so I don’t know exactly what devices are supported so far but you can give the new device manager a try and see if anything good happens.


Most distributions offer the previous 0.2.13 version and soon will update to the current one I suppose. If you don’t like waiting, you can always get and compile the latest source package.

Ubuntu users can get the latest version by adding the xnoise repository at their own risk. To do this you’ll have to type the following commands on a terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shkn/xnoise 
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install xnoise

  Xnoise Website

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