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Xnoise 0.2.13 gets album art view!

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  • Add new Album Art view with search
  • New Xnoise Icon (icon by Reda Lazri)
  • Recreated ‘Now Playing’ image rendering with reflections
  • Add weblink to keyboard shortcuts in help menu
  • Add Ctr-B keybinding for toggling album art view
  • Use symbolic icon in volume slider
  • Implement MPRIS 2 seek
  • Mingw compatibility fixes
  • Enable support for more media types
  • Update translations
  • Bug fixes

The new Album Art view

Notice the album art reflection in the Now Playing view

The way Xnoise works is just simple and very powerful. Users can seamlessly switch between different views and enjoy a fully unobstructed multimedia experience.

Although still at version 0.2.13, Xnoise feels super stable, and the only thing that justifies its vn is probably the lack of planned features. Whatever is here is working good and is implemented in the way it should be from the beginning. All the basic stuff is here, and new things come in the context of an importance series logic.

Xnoise website

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  • Stinger

    Xnoise is just getting better and better.

    I prefer Xnoise over RhythmBox and Banshee, it’s lightweigth, does what I want, like GmusicBrowser but fits Gnome 3 much better :)