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Xnoise 0.2.10 and Banshee 2.5.1 released!

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Xnoise 0.2.10

Xnoise is a very fast media player written in Vala. The application follows a single-instance functionality approach were the files are always added on the playlist instead of playing right away. You can search for artists or songs, connect to LastFM, auto-fetch lyrics etc. To learn more about Xnoise, read our review.

What’s new?

  • Add equalizer with presets and store/restore eq setups. You can activate this from the settings menu
  • Several small GUI updates
  • Ability to restore last used tracks of external sources
  • Use less default plugins
  • Improve visual presentation on Ubuntu Quantal
  • Update po/es.po (faidoc)
  • Update debian package generation script (Tal)
  • Magnatune: remove temporary files, fix database update check, remove album download option if usern./pasword is not available
  • Bug fixes

Xnoise Homepage

Banshee 2.5.1

This release concerns the unstable branch (on the road to 2.6) of Gnome’s “official” media player. Developers are trying to “finish” the application update till October that 2.6 will be released, so this is just a bugfix release. If you’re using the stable 2.4 version, it is not recommended to upgrade. To learn more about the future plans of Banshee, read our interview with B. Lorentz.

Bug fixes:

  • AmazonMp3.Store: Fix URL redirection for sign out action
  • BasicTrackDetailsPage: Blank year spin button when 0 – (bgo#623974)
  • Gui.Canvas.Rect: log invalid values for Width/Height – (bgo#624976)
  • PathPattern: Limit filename length to 200 characters – (bgo#636450)
  • Mpris: Only raise PropertiesChanged signal if value changed – (bgo#682510)
  • SourceView: log errors in SetCellDataFunc to avoid crashing – (bgo#683359)
  • Gui.Canvas.Size: log invalid values for Width/Height – (bgo#661112)

Banshee Homepage

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