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Would you pay 40$ a month to play Gnome Mines Online?

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Running Gtk3 Apps on a web-browser isn’t something new. It’s a 1+ years old news. But running Gtk Apps from Rackspace in less than 10 mins is certainly a nice show off!

So you can play Gnome Mines from office and keep your high scores. It’s a fact. Best high scores comes in Office/Work!

Ok, a calculator isn’t something quite useful.

A programming calculator might be more needed.

But ..But what if we could run for example Libre Office and Gimp Online?  Broadway isn’t stable yet, but it’s under active development. Can you imagine the possibilities and the prospect if GTK apps can natively run on web?

In Less than 10′

Yeap you can set up the above example in minutes.

  • Deploy a new Server in Rackspace: 4′
  • Set up a domain: 2′ (not necessary)
  • Install Gtk Broadway packages: 4′
  • Run a Gtk App: Some seconds

Ubuntu 12.04 distros can use  Nicolas Delvaux PPA. I don’t know for the rest distros, in Fedora I build Gtk from source.

Keep in mind by using Gtk PPAs for Broadway or Wayland support, you have a really good chance to break your system. You should know how to recover it or just use a Virtual Box.

A huge issue in Broadway is that you cannot run more than one instances. So do not try to enter on the example domain. I shut it down :)

I don’t know much about Broadway right now but I am interested on it. If you want to learn more then you better start from Alexander Larsson’s blog.

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  • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

    the answer is really simple, no

    • Bill_Toulas

      The point of the article is to show you what can be done, not literally asking you if you’d pay 40 a month to play gnome games!

    • alex285

      This is not a remote desktop. This is about running Gtk Apps on HTML.

  • Stiph

    Crazy fool :)

    • alex285

      I really like what Rackspace has done with its virtual servers. You can create servers in minutes, try things, download ISO’s and restore them in local Vbox. They added cloud databases with only 40$ a month, you can easily create balance loaders. It’s a nice company to waste time and money :)