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World of Gnome Reader for Android

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This App was in Google Play for more than a month, but I just saw it. Unfortunetely I have not an Android Phone to try it, so I just installed it in my 10.1″ tablet.


Download from Google Play


  • Google Now/Plus/Currents inspired layout
  • Adapts to different screen sizes
  • Offline support and setting
  • Swiping between articles
  • Read article comments
  • Light and Dark theme

A big thanks to Zac Barton for making this!

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  • noireaude

    Nice, testé, installé, approuvé :)

  • Alberto

    It would be also great if the web navigation were more mobile friendly. I always have to scroll sideways which is awful by itself, but becomes worse because the side and top bars stay fixed and don’t scroll, making the effective viewport even smaller.

    • alex285

      Aha I see. The reason I haven’t fix the wp template is that I don’t have it local anymore. I need to download from online which is something that I am so lazy to do.. but I will ;)

  • Cristobal

    Very nice app!