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Workspaces to Dock extension!

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If you don’t like the amount of time it takes for the workspaces to disappear again, the opacity or the animation time, you can set your preferences easily by typing this on a terminal:


To add this extension to your system simply turn the switch to “ON”

Workspaces to Dock

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  • alex285

    Give wallpaper!

  • jk

    and now same extension for the dash and the shell starts to be usable on other formats than tablets

    • this is sad

      that extension exists already.
      (see, this is the main problem. people are not even informed about the existing extensions…)

      • alex285

        I agree, extensions page isn’t very convenient, but they will improve it eventually.

        • gnomelover

          yea sure. at least for the moment we have the most usable, convenient and most beautiful of course desktop environment ever made. the only thing that needs some work is the extensions page, everything else is perfect.
          kudos to gnome devs, they work really hard.

  • Xin Eoph

    If the Gnome team themselves design the workspace and dock to work like the notification tray, where you can swipe from the edge or push at the edge with a mouse to open, then Gnome Shell would be much more fluid for all methods of input. Right now, there’s a lot of friction to do window management, because you can only use the overview.