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Workspace-Grid Shell Extension for GNOME 3.8

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This is the latest work from mathematical-coffee (I think her name is Amy -not totally sure),  the extension was ported to GNOME 3.8 two months ago, and it had an update last month.

What it does, is to transform the workspaces thumbnails list on the right, to a much more useful grid, but with the cost of horizontal space for thumbnails windows in overview.


Grid Extension with 5 windows open, illustrates that the horizontal space waste, isn’t too bad


Left/Right Navigation Similar to GNOME 2!

One thing I missed in GNOME 3, was the ability to arrange workspaces into square. With that extension you can use <Ctrl+Alt> + Up/Down/Left/Right arrows to navigate through workspaces and even <Ctrl+Alt+Shift> + Up/Down/Left/Right to move focused window in another workspace.


Workspace-Grid Extension has and a set of nice options. Basically is one of the most completed extensions and in my opinion it does it better from default Shell behavior. However it is hard to adopt to it, once you get used to the simple workspace list that Shell offers.


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    • Marco Scannadinari


    • sramkrishna

      This isn’t particularly useful feedback.

  • bulletmark

    IMHO an N by N grid has always been a pain. You have to remember to negotiate corners as you step through workspaces. The dynamic linear workspaces in GNOME 3 is a better idea.

    • Marc

      I agree. Since Gnome 3.x I actually use the virtual screens (Using Gnome since the 1.4 days). Left border mouse wheel scrolling (with extension) feels so natural and quick.

      • sramkrishna

        I think for some people they remember things better from a static positional grid. With dynamic, sometimes workspaces tend to move around because empty workspaces get reaped. If they get reaped in the middle things shift.
        So those people who have the same workspaces for work will be mildly annoyed.

  • Navarone

    I loved it

    • Navarone

      its so usefuull

      • Navarone

        for py 4 pc

  • mag

    Could not live without it. The default workspace list somehow limited my use of the shell. now i have a fixed number of workspaces, each designated for certain tasks. sweet.