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Wogue Website ..Isn’t Dead!

I get messages (lots of them!) or emails about why Wogue blog isn’t active. Well it is! It is just temporary moved on G+ Plus. The reason was that I have not much time this period for posting here.

G+ posts are really short, typically containing a screencast from the new GNOME things, and a short comment including the sources for more information. And you know what? That worked totally awesomely!

To speak in numbers, our G Plus pages had about 200-300k views a couple of months ago, while now our G+Page has reached the 2millions a month (~1000% raise!) and it is keep growing. And I’m not spamming things there, 80% of the posts are GNOME related. G+ plus actions (likes, comments, reshares) are also follow a related increase. A conclusion I made is that people are more likely to re-share a post that is in G+ only, rather on a traditional webpage.

Wogue blog will be active again in October but I am really thinking of a mechanism to be autonomous something like a Slashdot for GNOME only, with the addition of Google Search API to auto-retrieve GNOME news from anywhere and with a smart auto-filtering based on a lexicon. By the way I had done some work in the past on this, but never completed it.

I also wanna refer a few things the theming service I’m working at. It is progressing awesomely (& secretly!) and it is not only about theming anymore. Okay it supports themes, but it is on a new whole level of desktop customization through a Web open API -that however requires Google logins only. It does lots of things and as a matter of fact the online part can support any desktop.

For example with a single click you will able to download and auto-install a complete desktop, including Icons, Shell & GtkThemes, Shell Extensions even GSettings. But that’s not nearly all! You can also upload and sharing your current running desktop too with a single click!

I’ll make a teaser soon and I’ll talk more about it. For now I hope I will release it on October at least the Webpart and a bit later the client, because is kinda complex and I already have more than a 100 behavior-driven development auto-tests. It supports a payment system too, meaning that theme and extension developers can get a profit out of it.

Finally I wanna point a situation that is kinda weird. It happens to know lots of GNOME contributors and with some of them we even text each other. Imagine when I send a “Happy Birthday” SMS to someone and 2hrs later I write a post that I blame something that is contributing at.

Personal relationships are above the blog (except if it is a profitable blog!), but a blog is what it is and contains personal opinions! So yeah, there are things I like and things I don’t like in GNOME and I just name them!

Besides open source open, so anyone can just clone, configure & make ..and make his own opinion :)

Ps. Nothing bad has happened so far!

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  • Osqui

    I don’t like Google Groups. It’s clumsy. But I’m only a silly man.

  • Eduard Gotwig

    STOP using Google only!!! I want to use
    FFS why you have this domain when you post ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for months. I was a big fan, and all people were on google plus for months, because you posted everything ONLY there!

    Please make shorter posts on worldofgnome, no one stops you!

    • alex285

      G+ provides a better “news?” platform than websites, because you can reshare things and tag people, again because all open source communities are on G+

      Btw did you stop using your G+?!

      • Eduard Gotwig

        Yes I stopped using my G+ account for months already… I had a million hits on my profile, but I dont want to support Google anymore. I repeat to say, please dont all go on google plus! in the open source scene Planets with blogs are more popular :( And thats good, so everythings independent. please please, make more use of your website. its a good fundament, even if posts are short :/

  • Tom

    Relying on a Google service it’s not a good idea (i’m talking about the theming service). Future users may discouraged to use it because of the Google account.

    Not everyone have an account to gmail, or to G+ (as me that’s why i use Disqus)!

    So, you can use other services if you don’t want to create an account mechanism to your service (openid, persona from mozilla etc).

    • alex285

      Probably it is better to have more authentication options, but I need logins both on web and the client and it is much of additional work, plus I may use some more things from Google :/

  • Nikola Mojović

    Please post here more often, there are people who don’t use G+ that much. Anyway thanks for your work.

    • alex285

      I can add a G+ feeder on the blog with the last 10 posts or something.

      • Nikola Mojović

        That would help :)