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WoGue readers like Firefox, Linux 64bit ..and Apple!

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Our Data

I extracted our 100k last visits because I didn’t want to expose our exact numbers (you can use Alexa or My Site Cost -very accurate site in our case!) and because 100k is a round number -and we have less than 1m :)

I couldn’t make out correct stats because Analytics doesn’t let you to count Unique Visitors when you run its Technology Views.  So I got the last 100k visits..

Visits: 101.449

Unique: 41.194

Returning: 46,836 or 46,17%

New Visitors: 54.613 or 53.83%

Web Browsers

Firefox is clearly a winner by ~8% from second Chrome.  IE percentage is very low, but IE isn’t working on this page anyway :)


Firefox 15 was released a few days ago and these data are gathered from about the last 20 days.  So basically you can assume that almost all 14 FF are now 15 because most of the Linux Distros have already updated it and Windows 7 have silent updates. So we get around a 72% to upstream FF which is a good score.


Chrome and Chromium, with many varieties. 21.23% is absent from the first 10 results. I know that Chrome=Google, but in any case will be extremely hard to maintain all these different versions. Google=Chrome is a bit funny, because Chrome crashes occasionally (personal experience) on Google services :)


I don’t have a clue about Android browsers, but I only see 2 versions here. This is a huge advantage of Mobile Devices against Desktop. They manage to maintain less Apps (versions) -and hardware of course. As Gnome designers say, Less is More :)

Operating Systems

It’s official. Linux Desktop share is double the size of Windows :)


Welcome to the 64bit era! Fedora 17 has default 64bit download while Ubuntu 12.04 recommends 32bit. I am not sure, but I think 12.10 will come with 64bit default download.


Windows 98 are alive and Windows 8 are going to be release in October, 26. I am curious to watch the sales of Windows 8. Most people predict that they will fail. I tried their Free (as a beer) Customer Preview and ..hmm. I don’t think they are so bad as they present them..

Mobile Devices

Apple, Apple …and

..more Apple :)

So people here like Open Source ..and Apple? And then you blame Gnome UX team that copies Apple? :)

Operating Systems

Where is Tizen? This monopoly of Android starts to become annoying. Having one and one only open source mobile OS (with many varieties but still Android) even if it has 100% market share, is a win for Open Source in general?

Add Java, the proprietary drivers, the 90% of closed-source Android Apps and the court battles among companies about patents.  Great victory for Open Source; or Free Software or Libre, or whatever..

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  • Princeton Ferro

    To those Windows 98 users:

    • Mateus Machado Luna

      Let’s be nice with them… At least it’s NOT VISTA. :P

  • Bill_Toulas

    This is not an Apple win. I suppose that the “not set” category includes android devices that analytics can’t identify correctly. It looks obvious when you see the mobile operating systems pie :)

    • Ranjith Siji

      Yep. The android detection is not that much correct.

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  • Aventinus

    Windows 98 and Windows 2000??? Holy cow!!! Didn’t see that coming.