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WoGue is 1 year old ;)

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Today we close one year from our very first post and we’re both happy for what we’ve achieved so far, and thrilled about our plans and hopefully things to come in the second year!

A blog about our favorite desktop environment and community was just a thought of ours until all of you came and flood us with suggestions, discussion through comments, news, reviews and all kinds of readable material, and even artwork and apps for mobile platforms! A big thanks to everyone out there who supported and helped woGue during the last year.

The following numbers won’t exactly blow your mind away, but we are thankful for every last digit of them :)


  • Unique visits: 368419
  • Visits: 840663
  • Pageviews: 1625026


  1. United States – 17.46%
  2. Germany – 7.65%
  3. France – 7.34%
  4. Italy – 4.72%
  5. UK – 4.62%
  6. Spain – 3.64%
  7. Brazil – 3.44%
  8. Canada – 3.32%
  9. India – 2.89%
  10. Greece – 2.85%

Operating System:

  1. Linux – 64.25%
  2. Windows – 23.34%
  3. Android – 5.12%
  4. Macintosh – 4.5%
  5. iOS – 2.01%


  1. Firefox – 46.05%
  2. Chrome – 41.44%
  3. Safari – 3.46%
  4. Opera – 2.89%
  5. Android browser – 2.49%
  6. Internet Explorer – 1.9% 

About us

First of all we are not journalists or bloggers or anything like that, and WoGue is not officially connected with GNOME Foundation. We say so because we receive lots of emails with requests you have about GNOME (bugs and new features), and this is not the right place to do it ;)

The idea behind WoGue is primary to entertain people and secondly inform them with news around the G-Community. Think it as a sport magazine/newspaper that you don’t actually care about the news but you are  still enjoy reading it ;)

WoGue Coming Soon

Coming soon is a weird term in no-profit projects since you were planning to do things, but something in your personal life comes up and you postpone it. However summer is coming soon (that can’t be delayed!) and that means more free time for us.

Therefore we will finally release the theme service ( and also we will open an eShop with GNOME Accessories. Oh and by the way we thank very much GNOME Board and specially Karen Sandler for their support! When? This summer, if nothing unpredictable happens!


My biggest achievement in this 1st WoGue year?  I quit smoking after 5-6 years! Best advantage? I now have empty pockets when I go out!


Since the beginning of this blog we tried to stay technically open with CC content licenses, live visitor info sharing, open source related topics and FOSS projects media highlighting, and also open to you and your ideas, suggestions, wishes, questions, complaints and praises.

We tried to create a solid platform for your opinion to rise freely and maybe actually form parts of Gnome through both our comments section and our forums. We certainly could have done a lot more in the “readers participation” field and that is what we are challenging our selves to achieve on this second year.

It would be awesome if more of you stepped in and shared your opinions and knowledge with the rest of the growing Gnome community. Polyphony and pluralism is our big power, but it can only come through a large group of people sharing the same values that are the freedom and open way to think and to create, and that is why you should definitely suggest more ways for us to be more open as a blog and as a community.

  We can't watch comments unless G+ provides an API or if you send a notification, e.g +World Of Gnome
     Sometimes is better to place your questions on GNOME Community
  • corrado trevisani

    I am a part of the 4.72% of users from italy :) this blog rules !!

  • Aaron Mendo

    Congratulations!, Awesome blog, keep it up.

  • Rajesh KSV

    I can proudly say that I have contributed to alteast 6*30*2 ~ 300 page views out of 1625026 :P

  • CoudCoud

    Happy Birthday !!!

  • Cristóbal

    Happy Birthday!

  • IsacDaavid

    Keep on! You produce really valuable web content for Gnome and FOSS supporters.

    Also looking forward into The simple idea of having a unified place/method for theming GNOME is stunning, just as is to shell extensions.