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  • Ronaldo Nascimento

    This is pathetic, feels like 1990 again

    • Bill_Toulas

      It is just another way of doing things :)

      • gnome

        fuck yea! much improved way!

    • Guest

      I think the idea is that you have this buttons _also_ when the window is maximized. I don’t really like this extension…

      Btw @blogadmins: When are the screenshots for 3.6 are in this blog, can’t wait for it ;) (the UI is frozen now, according to the schedule)

      • alex285

        Hold on, 3.5.90 is coming out in 2 days! But we have reviewed most of the modules some time ago!

    • TrollBeast

      I hope this is a joke.

      • dave

        You clearly weren’t using computers in 1990. He’s right. This is a huge step backwards, due in part to the lack of a real minimizing feature. It would have been cool if the changes all wrapped in to an efficient package, but they don’t. Most of the changes being made to Gnome nowadays are completely disorganized. The developers are basically shooting from the hip and then shouting bullseye, even though we can all see they completely missed the target.

  • Takie Dela

    Very handy, especially with Maximus extension.

    • Bill_Toulas

      I was searching for something like that to combine the buttons extension with. Thanks!