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Who’s birthday is it today?

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Users today have countless ways of knowing or getting notified when their friends and family have birthdays. The most popular way comes from social networking where such data is shared publicly, but is there a way to get Gnome Shell notifications about this?

Actually there is and it is called “birthdays notify” and being just a simple GS extension it is easy to get and deal with. Birthdays notify is taking its place in the top right position of the top panel in the form of a single-candled cake. When no birthdays are registered for the current date the cake icon remains off (grey), but when a birthday corresponds to the day the cake lights up and clicking it will reveal the name of the person who made it for one more year!


The way to add birthdays is manual (no import abilities). You will have to go to /Home/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/birthdays_notify@kryta and then open the “birthdays” file with gedit. There you can add your desired birthdays as shown in the below screenshot example:


As you probably already assumed, this little extension can also be used for non-birthday related notifications. You can write whatever you want to be notified for and the message will be displayed accordingly. Multiple notifications in one day are also possible, so it would make sense to use this tool for many purposes.


  Birthdays Notify

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  • Vadim Rutkovsky

    Gnome-shell can display birthdays in calendar for contacts in Evolution addressbooks

    • kenbw2

      This was my first thought too. And if you want a notification then just add a reminder to the event.

      Adding arbitrary icons to the panel isn’t very Gnome-shelly

  • noireaude

    Nice wallpaper, i like it :)

  • kesymaru