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When Fedora Installations Pay Better ;)

Even if I use Fedora I usually install Ubuntu in other people computers. The reason is the awesome Ubuntu distro upgrade plus the also awesome USC that has pretty much every application that is available for Linux.

Last week I went to a gallery of art here in Athens (Greece) and I did actually install Fedora 20 in 6 machines, wow!

These machines have access to a server (intranet) that runs a web program for paintings digitization. They were running Win8 and the employees managed to completely destroy them. It doesn’t take much to get broken Windows anyway. So they decided to terminate the contract with the company that was providing them maintenance, like virus protection, and they decided to migrate to Linux.

This decision made from a technician who works there and even if he isn’t much of Linux fan, he loves CentOS. Besides CentOS is what powers their rack. So I talked with this guy and I explained him that Fedora is like CentOS.Next and he immediately agreed to install Fedora.

[caption id="attachment_27112" align="aligncenter" width="640"]geary-bug Something isn’t quite right here..
(Geary with latest GTK)[/caption]

The installation last about 2-3 hours and we set Geary as mailing client and Libre for Office Suite (they had Libo previously too). Training (how to use GNOME) took another 2-3 hours and I stayed there around 9 hours, but the payment was really good :)

For the story the guys there didn’t really get excited with GNOME 3 (Win8 are quite a good opponent!), but they didn’t dislike it either. No complains, no praises whatsoever. They mostly use Chrome anyway.

Why did I choose to install Fedora? Apart for reasons like Fedora is a good OS and I know it better than any other distro ..I install it so I can get paid again for upgrading.. Well, it isn’t very kind to say this, but the worst truth is still better than the best lie..

Ubuntu has a LTS while upgrading it only takes a click, so everyone can make it, but to upgrade Fedora you need to have more expertise and you have to upgrade around once every year!

Yeap, Fedora installations do pay better :)

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    top lel, milking dead Greece. And you people wonder why EU don’t like you…