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What’s Up with GNOME Chat?

For the past six months I think I didn’t make a single post about Empathy. The reason? Empathy (3.12) didn’t receive any major developing, just a few bugs and translation updates -apart from GDBus implementation and ChatManager API. That’s kinda bad, because Empathy is a really important part of GNOME, but definitely not as it is.

Surprisingly Linux never had good IM (Instant Messenger) clients. From the old days (before G+ & FB chats), many Windows IM clients were much better than the corresponded in Linux, even if they were developed from small teams of 3-4 people, even if they were proprietary without extra contributions.


GNOME is (or was?) working on a new single-window IM and so I thought they may want to “obsolete” Empathy and start over from a clean code-base. It uses Telepathy, so it isn’t really clean but anyway  ;)


GNOME Chat as it looks today, and it looks great but
is not usable

They say “No News, Good News” but in this case is really Bad News. So, there is nothing new about GNOME-Chat, it currently looks abandoned and there are no plans –at least not yet– for it and for GNOME 3.14.

The code is written on C, which maybe is a drawback for contributors, but if you still want to help and make it happening, check on Chat Wiki.

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  • Peter

    Surprisingly Linux never had good IM (Instant Messenger) clients.

    I think Jitsi is quite good. It looks good, is easy to use and still has a lot of features such as OTR, voice and video chat.

    The problem is rather that to few people use Jabber or other open protocolls.

    • alex285

      Yes Jitsi is okay, but the first versions weren’t so good. It is more VOIP rather IM