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Welcome to GimpUsers dot Com!

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This is the absolute page to start drawing on Gimp. The guys there have made an amazing work and they have extended the official Gimp tutorials with 81 (!) more!

  • Basics (6 tutorials)
  • Buttons, icons, web (6 tutorials)
  • Photos / wallpapers (20 tutorials)
  • Printed graphics & layout (one tutorial)
  • Scripts & programming (3 tutorials)
  • Simple effects (12 tutorials)
  • Special FX (15 tutorials)
  • Techniques (11 tutorials)
  • Text effects (7 tutorials)

Tutorials aren’t the only thing they do.  They exploit and explain all the new features of every Gimp release, so you can immediately use them. More importantly if you have any problem with a Gimp drawing technique you can ask them on their forums.


They also run some contests and give prizes like free accounts on Tech Magazines.  So far they have made 3 contests.

Create your own GIMP 2.8-Splash Screen! · 2011

The winner drawing by NanoLight2

Create a Smudge Painting from a photo! · 2011

The winner drawing by EvO

Digital painting contest! Create a nature landscape scene in GIMP! · 2012

The contest is open till 4th of September.

Gimp News

The guys there do the 3rd party news of Gimp from:

  • Libre Graphics World. Blog
  • Latest Tutorials at
  • Gimp Brush – Download free gimp brushes
  • GIMP Plugin Registry
  • Gimp, branch master
  • Bugzilla Bugs

This is the German version of Gimp Users. It is a separate site  (not just translated to German) and actually it is even more active. I also think that DE was before COM, but I am not sure.

More tutorials (137), more contests (9), more news! I hope they make some translations to English because is more global language, but for the moment you can read them by using the Chrome / Google translator.

By the way I have to admit that Germans support a lot the Open Source. In many projects.

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