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Welcome The New GNOME’s Official Icon Set, Adwaita ;)

After 12 years (initial release by Alexander Larsson) GNOME Icon set is official gone! At least as name!

William Jon McCann renamed today the GNOME-Icon-Theme to Adwaita-Icon-Theme. The changes continue since we also have the merge of GNOME-Icon-Theme-Symbolic and Cursors from GNOME-Themes-Standard to the Adwaita-Icon-Theme. These changes of course include various other modifications on directories structure.

People that are building GNOME from sources should keep an eye on those!


Welcome Adwaita Icon Set!


Icon theme changes

We are merging gnome-icon-theme and gnome-icon-theme-symbolic into a single icon theme. It will be available under the name adwaita-icon-theme. This will affect both jhbuild modulesets and distro packages, so I’m sending this heads-up to give you some advance warning. In jhbuild, things may be in a bit of flux until all dependencies in modules have been straightened out.

The reason for this change is to make things more simple and reliable. With our current use, symbolic icons are simply not an optional add-on anymore, but an integral part of the user experience. By making it part of the single icon theme, we avoid a whole class of ‘broken UX’ cases that happen when somebody forgets to install or removes the symbolic icons.

Matthias Classen @ GNOME ML

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