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Welcome the 50GB RAM 32Cores GNOME OSTree Server :)

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This is just huge! The No1 issue of GNOME *was* how to test it. Well, not anymore. is up and running on a 50GB RAM 32 Cores server and prepares boot-able qemu images based on OS TREE. Currently you can’t build an image on demand but there are nightly builds that you can directly try!

Build.G.O will come soon with some new nice features. Not time for a detailed post how to use it / how it works but I l try to make it later.

For now..

Enjoy ;)

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  • Rajesh KSV

    Wooow! Awesome :)

  • Arturo


  • ScionicSpectre

    Things are about to get a lot more exciting for GNOME. :)

  • w1ngnut

    YAY! Congrats!