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Weekly Gnome Distro News (w7)

This week was an exciting time for the Gnome distro-world with many systems bringing the latest GS 3.10 to the hands of their users, as well as some minor and bug fixing releases.

BlankOn Latest Stable Version: 9 | Feb 15, 2014
blankon BlankOn is a cool Linux distro developed by Indonesian Foundations and communities. It features its own fork of the Gnome Shell called Manokwari that is using HTML5 and CSS, supports modern hardware and comes with a rich set of tools and applications pre-installed.
This version is based on the Debian testing repositories and it brings all the latest versions of the chosen default applications.

Moreover, there are various improvements in the Manokwari, a new application center called Warsis and a digital cooperation platform to develop cluster software and provide geospatial data called Geo.BlankOn. Also, a new HTML5 development tool called Maleo is to be found in version 9.

GNOME: 3.10 Linux: 3.12.9 Homepage Download

Bridge Latest Stable Version: 2014.02 | Feb 17, 2014
bridge Bridge Linux is an Arch Linux-based set of distributions and live CD/DVD images designed for desktop deployment. Unlike Arch, Bridge Linux boots directly into one of the available graphical desktop environments and it provides a pre-installed set of common applications.
As you probably already imagined, this release syncs all versions of tools and applications with the latest found in the Arch repositories.Along with these came a few bugfixes and updates here and there. bridgedesk
GNOME: 3.10.3 Linux: 3.12.9 Homepage Download

Debian Latest Stable Version: 7.4 | Feb 15, 2014
debian Debian is one of the most popular and successful Linux distributions of all times. It offers a huge package collection, can run in almost any architecture there is and is backed by maybe the biggest community of developers in the distro-world.
This update mainly adds corrections for security problems to the old stable release, along with a few adjustments for serious problems. Security advisories were already published separately and are referenced where available. debian
GNOME: 3.4.2 Linux: 3.2.41 Homepage Download

Linux Educational
Latest Stable Version: 5.0.1 | Feb 9, 2014
logo_le5 Linux Educational is an open source and 100% free Linux distribution of the Federal Government in Brazil, designed to offer the best computing environment in schools and other educational institutions.

Using only free/open source software, Linux Educational leverages the use of educational technologies, ensuring improvement of education, technology insertion, and sociability. It is based on Ubuntu and uses the GNOME desktop environment.

This release comes with some small bug fixes, better Portuguese support, updated kernel and better package management.

Also, the colours became more eye friendly and the design aims to resemble those of the mobile devices interfaces.

GNOME: Linux: 3.2.0 Homepage Download

Latest Stable Version: 3.0.3 | Feb 15, 2014
logo_189x60 BuluoOS is a Chinese GNU/Linux distribution that was created using Linux from Scratch. It only supports 64-bit systems.
This latest minor release brings updates for over 50 packages including Gnome Shell that is now on version 3.10.3! buluoos
GNOME: 3.10.3 Linux: 3.11.1 Homepage Download

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