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WebKitGTK+ 1.10 takes it to the next level!

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What to expect:

  • Beta version of the WebKit2GTK+ API
  • Support for Accelerated Compositing
  • WebGL enabled by default
  • Support for HTML5 Fullscreen and WebAudio
  • Multimedia layer ported to GStreamer 0.11
  • Support for the Low-Level Interpreter in JavaScriptCore

The new Web 3.6 (Epiphany) will be using WebKit2 beta which won’t be the default choice as some functionality is still missing. Still you will be able to build Web with WebKit2 beta support and experience increased responsiveness and stability, Flash support without having to rely on nspluginwrapper and increased security.

This will work as the base to hopefully get us to version 3.8 where the Web will be using WebKit2 by default, providing the ability to render visually stunning web content in your browser, as well as enjoy more subtle improvements such as smoother animations or increased responsivenes while browsing.

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