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WebKit GTK+ 1.9.5 released!

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Today, a new version of the WebKit GTK+ was released bringing some interesting additions, improvements and fixes!

  • Add API to get HTTPS status to WebKit2 GTK+.
  • Add API to clear the cache to WebKit2 GTK+.
  • Add webkit_cookie_manager_set_persistent_storage() to WebKit2 GTK+ API.
  • Improve performance of searching in WebKit2.
  • Implement disk cache in WebKit2.
  • Add site specific quirks setting to WebKit2 GTK+ API.
  • Add a setting to enable/disable page cache to WebKit2 GTK+ API.
  • Add WebKitWebView::context-menu-dismissed signal to WebKit2 GTK+API.
  • Add webkit_web_frame_get_dom_document() to WebKit GTK+ API.
  • Use soup_cookie_jar_is_persistent() to set whether cookie is a session one or not.
  • Fix recognition of contractions (apostrophes) in spell checker.
  • Fix a crash when showing the context menu in the Web Inspector.
  • WebKitWebView::mouse-target-changed is not emitted when moved to/from edtiable content.
  • Fix inspector detach when inspector was attached by the client in WebKit2.
  • Don’t show accel labels in WebKit2 context menu items.
  • Cache the video dimensions to not query the video-sink sink-pad caps every time.
  • Fix several memory leaks.

WebKit GTK+ Homepage

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