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Web (aka Epiphany) 3.8 Roadmap!

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WebKit2 port is working (I’ve tried it!) so it will be definitely ready on 3.8. User Interface is still under design but is the main goal for the next release so I guess that it will also definitely come -at least some parts of it.

What is more exciting (and with uncertain future) is the support for Chrome and Firefox apps. Igalia’s hacker Jose Dapena Paz has made (in the past) some work.

To use Chrome Store you should sign up with Google

Do you think this is exciting? Well, there are some more optimistic ideas like an Epiphany Data Sync.

Epiphany 3.8 Roadmap

{*} Allow restoring items in the overview Needs design
{*} Favorites/Bookmarks section of the Overview Not started
{*} Queue/Read later section of the Overview Not started
{*} Allow smart relayouting/resizing of the overview when the window is downsized Not started
{*} Allow pinning items to fixed locations in the overview Not started
User Interface
Create page properties dialog to hold advanced information about the page Needs design
Merge ‘Preferences’ and ‘Personal data’ Needs design
{*} Popup blocking Needs design
Error reporting Needs design
Make ephy an OpenSearch client Not started
{*} Download manager does not notify when disk is full In progress – DiegoEscalanteUrrelo
{*} Epiphany doesn’t warn about permissions problems with download folder In progress – DiegoEscalanteUrrelo
No feedback when there’s no suitable application to open a download In progress – DiegoEscalanteUrrelo
“Open” in download-widget should say what will it use to Open the file Needs design
Downloads-bar needs visual cue when it appears Needs design
{*} Downloads bar needs to handle many downloads better Needs design
{*} Don’t open empty window for target=”_blank” downloads In progress – DiegoEscalanteUrrelo
WebKit2 port In progress – CarlosGarciaCampos
Add support for Google Chrome Web Store hosted apps In progress – JoseDapenaPaz
Add support for Mozilla OpenWebApps In progress – JoseDapenaPaz
Add support for Google Chrome CRX-less web apps In progress – JoseDapenaPaz
Getting rid of EphyNode Not started
{*} There can be two widgets for the same download In progress – CarlosGarciaCampos
{*} Port context menu In progress – CarlosGarciaCampos
Port button press actions In progress – CarlosGarciaCampos
{*} Port favicons In progress – MarioSanchezPrada
{*} Remembering passwords not available for auth dialog Not started
{*} Issues with notify::uri and anchor links In progress – CarlosGarciaCampos
Make smooth scrolling optional Not started
User style sheet support Not started
Unsubmitted modified forms warning Not started
{*} Pre-filled forms Not started
Embedded view source Not started
User agent In progress – CarlosGarciaCampos
DNS prefetching Not started
Delete web apps In progress – CarlosGarciaCampos
Unit testing
Raise coverage to over 50% ? Not started

Epiphany 3.8 Roadmap in Gnome Live!

Although there is Chromium (and the dozens of the forks) and Firefox (which also has lots of forks), there is still a place (and a need) for the Gnome browser. Chromium quality has been reduced a lot in the last year in Linux (many crashes, huge RAM consumption) and I am thinking to switch back to Firefox which I left because it was slow, much slower than Chromium.

Web on the other hand is fast and lightweight, but it lacks of extensions and it has not syncing service, so it can’t be much useful at its present shape.

It is really hard to predict the future of Web. We just can hope we will see a better Web in 6months :)

Web Design in Gnome Live!

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  • Ian Brunelli

    I’m really excited about the way Epiphany is going!

  • anon

    I don’t see the point of this app in gnome. wheren’t they low on developers?

    • foobar

      This argument sounds only valid for people who do not understand how open communities are working. There is no central unit that assigns resources to projects. People are working on stuff they care about. Epiphany-developers care about a good & integrated web browser. There is no guarantee that they would care about another project as well.

      Take a look at vala: Who would have ever thought that a domain specific language for gnome is going to be used by so many projects? There are several modules out there using it. Hell, there is even a whole desktop (elementary; [libunity]) out there using it as their primary language. Plenty maintainers rewrote their modules in vala. (gnome disk utils, all gnome games, Zeitgeist, …)

      It all started with two guys wasting their time.

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  • Pēteris Krišjānis

    Webkit2, yeaaaaah, finally!

    I have used Epiphany as default browser for quite time, and only problems were with stability. Old versions used Webkit1, which were long overdue, so welcome Webkit2!