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We just moved to a new Shiny Server :)

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We need to say a huge thanks to Gnome SysAdmin Andrea Veri for helping us to set up our new server; that  took about 2-3 hours. For the curious we run a CentOS 6.3 in this box.

Now that we don’t need to worry about hardware resources and server cost, we can and we will launch some new fancy web services!

That was our 3rd server move the 6 months we are online ..and I really hate transferring servers!  Last weeks we are a bit less active, due the excessive full schedule of our normal jobs :(

the wogue team!



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  • Philip Witte

    Nice move ;-)

    • alex285

      I agree :)

  • foobar

    Hey, that’s where my server lives too. :)

    • alex285

      I asked a box side by side to fooserver :)

  • Peter

    “$200 each month.”
    You probably mean you save $200 per year, not per month, as the 2GB RAM server at Rackspace costs about $88.

    • alex285

      Add on this about $6-7 a day, $180-200 a month for bandwidth. Hetzner has 10T a month for free.