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We Added Google Ads Again :/

After a year and 60EUROS x 12 (that’s lot!) we re-added Google ads, so we can pay our server cost. We just have one advertisement, so it would be cool to disable ad-blockers in this page. Funny to say it, since even me I haven’t done this :)

Except the ads, I spent around 4 hours making lots of changes. What I mostly did, was to create partials for each component of this page, so I can ajax-ize it, and make it faster at some point. The plan is create an option page, so you can choose what components you want to load, depending on your internet speed. I am planning to upload some more stuffs I am working on, so that’s a good solution to keep the page lightweight.

Also I broke some things, like the Preview from GNOME Blogs, which I can’t make it work correctly on the server -but works fine on local. In general I will keep working a bit on the page, so if you see something bad, just refresh the cache <3x Ctrl+F5> ;)

Also I want to say that we screw it up with Google comments. Although I knew that there wasn’t an API and G Comments aren’t officially supported from Google, I thought I could get the ActivityID from Google Plus and have some control. But I was wrong. So if you want us to 100% read your comments, either reply to our re-share or add +World Of Gnome.

  We can't watch comments unless G+ provides an API or if you send a notification, e.g +World Of Gnome
     Sometimes is better to place your questions on GNOME Community