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Wayland and Weston 1.2.0 Release

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The ultimate goal was to try run Shell under Wayland. There is a branch for Mutter/Shell ports in Wayland which might work. However with JHBuild installation and Fedora 19 was impossible to run them, so next step is to give a second try in Fedora 20.


The glamorous screensaver of Weston ;)


Wayland and GNOME Client Side Decorations

Above figures show Wayland/Weston to run as X Client. I edit a bit the default look to be more like GNOME Shell. It is also very possible to run Wayland without X, but you should go with Open Drivers in case you have nVidia/ATi proprietary ones -plus you need to edit PAM configuration.

Actually you can use Weston/Wayland all the way (most GNOME (3.10) Apps run) but last time I tried, WebKit wasn’t working; so not a web-browser there.

Weston is a “testing” compositor for Wayland Protocol, and GNOME Shell (Mutter) will replace that. However they share the same specs, so every bug in Weston will be also a bug in Shell. I am saying so in case you want to try GNOME Apps/GTK in Wayland and you want to file bugs (yes, there are!).

Wayland/Weston 1.2 Release

From Rob Bradford’s Weblog

  • It is the first one to advertise a stable API for the implementation of compositors (libwayland-server) – which will prove useful with theporting of gnome-shell & mutter to Wayland
  • Two new protocol enhancements have been staged for inclusion: subsurfaces from Pekka Paalanen which will be the basis for implementing Clutter-GTK on Wayland and support for input methods from Jan Arne Petersen. These are not yet in the core of the Wayland protocol but will be moved there when the API has been proven.
  • HiDPI support – Alexander Larsson implemented this for Wayland and GTK+ too

Full changelogs

Wayland in GNOME

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  • Eduard Gotwig

    Client Side Decorations dont have rounded corners like the other windows, because they cant do it, right?

    same regression with the X11 variant…

    • Philip Witte

      No, Client-Side Decorations are more customizable (by default), since it’s entirely up to the client’s frameworks to render the buffer.

      Those “flowery” shapes you see in many Wayland/Weston videos.. those are just windows using Cairo to render vector shapes into the buffer.

      • Eduard Gotwig

        so, why are the corners not rounded..? Its the same issue like on Xorg

        • alex285

          They are working on this. If you have GTK Master you can try the /tests/headerbar. These are round corners, but with squared borders ;)

          • Eduard Gotwig

            and why is there a squared border xD? Thanks for the screenshot,

          • Philip Witte

            Gnome is a complicated software engineering project. They probably simply haven’t gotten around to porting the ’rounded corners’ drop-shadow code to the new client-side decorations sub-system. There is no reason it can’t be done, or anything like that.

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