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Watch Arte TV in Totem? You still can!

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Arte is very popular in France and somewhat popular in Germany. It offers both German and French speaking documentaries, daily news bundles, cartoons, music channels and a lot more…

If you are living in Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland you can watch all the streams without any limitation. If you don’t, you can see only the News in Arte Journal and some other documentary streams.

As you can see, the playlist is filled with thumbnails from the streams, that allow the users to easily navigate and watch the show of their choice. The preferences of the plugin allow the alternation between French and German streams, and the option to display the video in medium or high quality.

To use the Arte TV plugin in Totem 3.6, you can either search and install it from your distribution’s package manager, or download the source and compile it. You can then enable the plugin from “Edit/Plugins…” menu and then check the corresponding box. After that, you go to the “View” menu and check the Arte+7 option, and the thumbnails should appear on the right side (playlist) of Totem.

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  • hellzou

    ubuntu : sudo apt-get install totem-plugin-arte.

    Thanks for the tips