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Watch 3D Videos with Bino!

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Bino allows you to insert and playback various 3D video formats including top/bottom, even/odd rows and separate streams in the case you connect two cameras! The file you insert is automatically detected and Bino chooses the correct form, but you can always choose manually something else if the auto-detection goes wrong.

The output option canvas is rich and easy to use. There are many ways and methods you can view and watch stereoscopic images like red/cyan glasses, green/magenta glasses, red/green glasses, amber/blue glasses etc. Bino goes even further allowing you to watch the video through checkerboard pattern filters, even/odd rows and columns, and there is also an HDMI frame packing mode for you to choose.

This is a top-bottom sample 3D video that I downloaded from this website. If you want to find more 3D video sources check this webpage. If you’d try to playback the same file in VLC media player, you would end up with something like this:

What is great about Bino is the inclusion of high tech elements for 3D video playback like the usage of the high quality Dubois anaglyph, or the OpenGL quad buffed stereo if your graphics card supports it. This way it is giving the opportunity for old and new systems users to enjoy at least some kind of 3D video experience for the first, and more advanced and high-tech 3D experience for the second.

The latest 1.4 version was released yesterday bringing some important new features and additions like:

  • Support for video output via SDI on NVIDIA Quadro cards.
  • Automatic support for high precision color input and output (30 bits per pixel)
  • An adjustable zoom mode for videos that are wider than the screen.
  • Support for the MPO, JPS, and PNS file formats for stereoscopic images.
  • Support for DLP 3-D Ready Sync.
  • …and much more…

Download Bino

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