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Warsow 1.1 beta is now available!

Warsow is one of our best open source games choices and it certainly is one of the best ways to have some pure FPS fun on Linux. It’s been a while since the development team has offered the amazing version 1.0 to the gaming community and finally the first minor release is almost here (in beta stage) with better localization, new visual effects, new maps, new music tracks and so much more…


Transparency is now present when warming up

Warsow cares little about realistic depiction of the world around you and takes a more “cartoonish” and simplistic texturing approach in the design of the maps and items, but that didn’t stop the developers from implementing more advanced visual effects in version 1.1. The support of Nvidia’s FXAA technology and the addition of smooth particles are two of the highlights in this release.

Long story short, FXAA is a type of anti-aliasing clever hack where the polygons and line edges are ignored and only the pixels on the screen are analysed. This makes it very fast (approx. 12% fps drop) for even the cheapest cards on the market to offer smoother edges in all pixels on the screen including those inside alpha-blended textures and those resulting from pixel shader effects.

As for the smooth particles, you can see the following two screenshots that show an explosion in version 1.0 and 1.1 beta respectively:

warsow10expl   warsow11particles

Highlight Changes

The full changelog is very rich for a minor version and it justifies the time intervals between Warsow releases. Here is a selection of the most important changes for 1.1:


  • A new built-in HTTP server
  • Localization support for user interface and head up display
  • Support for Truetype and Opentype fonts
  • Optimized cinematics playback
  • Updated input code to use XInput2 on Linux


  • Rewritten rendering backend, GLSL2+-compatible
  • Added FXAA support
  • Added RGB shadowmaps
  • Added support for foliage surfaces and instanced rendering
  • Added ‘soft particles’ effect to explosions and halo shaders
  • Optimized VRAM footprint on modern GPUs
  • Q3A shader commands previously processed on the CPU are now processed in vertex shaders on the GPU


  • Knockback code has been rewritten for smoother knockbacks instead of linear kicks
  • Changed riotgun pattern from spiral to a more traditional one
  • New movement physics are much closer to the old movement

Other notable changes:

  • 5 new songs in the soundtrack
  • Game modules are now C++ – compatible
  • Added callvotes menu
  • Added “Watch on TV” button to chasecam menu
  • Added Russian, Japanese, Frensh, Polish, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Italian, Finnish localizations

You can download the latest Warsow 1.1 beta version to evaluate the latest changes yourself, but keep in mind that this is still in beta testing stage so you may encounter stability issues and also find it difficult to find others (with the same version) to play on multiplayer mode. Other than that, you’ll only need to run the binaries included.

Warsow Website GPL License Linux, Windows

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