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Wanna help GNOME Software App?

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GNOME Software is the upcoming new PackageKit-based  application for discovering, installing, removing and updating/upgrading software under GNOME. Main author is Richard Hughes the guy behind PackageKit.

No need to talk about the impossible way for discovering applications under GNOME, considering you ain’t using Ubuntu’s Software Center. Anyway, I am talking about Fedora because there are some other distros that have their own good package managers.

This is the current state of Software. Most of functionality here is prototyping (dummy).

Home, that shows the most popular Apps.


That is the new one. Going inside an app you can see description, reviews and rating.


Not sure if Software will land for 3.10, but it will if someone can help. How? As always by forking it! Software is on early stages so code is clean enough even if you are beginners in C -Yeap, Software is written in C!.

Since GNOME Software will have dependencies on unstable libraries is a good idea to get it with JHBuild.

See how..

Currently there isn’t a Bugzilla for it, so you might need to contact Richard or Design Team if you have patches.

You will find more in Software Design page.

Happy Hacking!

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  • railroadghost

    i hope they make it as fast as the current manager is now
    it may not be great for discovering apps, but if you know what you want
    it beats USC by far

    • foobar

      I agree that speed is a key-issue here. However, it won’t work with all package managers. The level of support is only good enough for a very small but popular subset. (debian +fedora + friends should work well. Arch wouldn’t work at the moment, for instance.)

  • Khalifa Seif

    This is so helpful , iam using fedora 18 i hate fedora software center it sucks and too slow and does not provides friendly user interface that provides screenshots … i wish Gnome guys that add the possibility to remove softwares from the overview program in Gnome shell when you right click on a program

    • alex285

      The right way is to jump from overview to GNOME Software on the current App. Not directly uninstalling Apps from Overview.

      • James Cape

        FWIW, I disagree. I shouldn’t need to know a magic incantation or click-stream to remove an application—if I can see it in front of me, I should be able to remove it.

        • Narendiran

          I don’t think this will go really well, gnome should not really try do
          package management. This is going to be upto the distro. apt, yum, yast,
          pacman all handle packages differently with dependecy resolution and
          other stuff. Besides, they also handle the installation of libraries,
          which do not appear in your overview.

          The software app can be a good front end for these distro dependent packagement tools, and will give more flexibility.

          • alex285

            That is what PackageKit about, distro upgrade method agnostic. But even if it wasn’t, at least it will work in distros that use packagekit UI.

        • Bartowski

          I strongly agree with you James. We should be able to uninstall applications in 2 clicks from overview and even install new ones just by typing their name.
          It does not mean that GNOME Software is useless though because it can provide more information about apps and classify them. I think it must be possible in the future as PackageKit is already able to manage apt, yum, yast and pacman in a transparent way.

  • Ade Malsasa Akbar

    I want AppCenter like this to have feature for saving downloaded/installed app into one folder per app. It will help users who don’t have internet connection, so one user can help anothers. Will it be?

  • kazade

    I just don’t understand why GNOME developers are still writing desktop apps in C when they have Vala. All it does is raise the barrier of entry for contributors. If it was in Vala or C++ or Python, I’d be there in a flash, but much as a love C as a language, it’s totally the wrong choice in this situation.

    • sramkrishna

      Vala is C. :)

      • Mike Manilone

        Vala is C with syntactic sugar, not just C though.

  • w1ngnut

    This is going to be big for Gnome-based distros since it will lower the barrier for discovering and installing software. If it this lands in Gnome 3.10 this is goin to be BIG!

    Now, have to agree with the friend kazade – why not write it in vala or even better: javascript?

  • Ade Malsasa Akbar

    I hope AppCenter developer can make this expectation real: