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  • Adonis K.

    Love the lockscreen and notification area look.
    Though I’m kinda tired of the semi-transparent black background for the top panel that almost every single gnome shell theme uses.

    • Viva

      If you dont like the topbar, you only need to change one line in the theme ;)
      Or use the AutoHideTopBar extension. :)

      • Adonis K.

        Ya I know its easy to change it (I’m fine with my own theme for now so I not really in the mood to personalize another theme).
        I was just stating how designers should stop being comfortable with the black semi-transparent background and start playing with colors.

  • Dave

    I wish that the calendar pop up was centered

    • JJ

      That seems a good idea, why don’t you create an issue in bugzilla?

  • Jamin Fernandez

    Ubuntu GNOME Remix?

    • Viva

      Yes, it is.

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