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Viva GS 3.8 theme!

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One of the most elegant themes just got reloaded for the latest 3.8 version of Gnome Shell! Viva theme is based upon the previous version (3.6) with no optical changes for the time being.

Viva looks fresher, leaner, cooler more elegant and more modern that the default Adwaita that was the basis for its creation and although it seems to never get completely finished, it does work like a charm since 3.6.


Since this is a work in progress, it is recommended that you use the latest version found on the corresponding git repository. It is also recommended that you use this theme with Raleway and Open Sans fonts.

  Viva GS Theme    How to theme GNOME 3

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  • spike Crush

    What’s the font?
    Looks really good.

    • alex285

      Raleway, Open Sans

  • Philip Witte

    Would probably look pretty slick with a Flat-shaded GTK theme :)

  • w1ngnut


  • 海 赵

    The theme is vary beautifull.

  • Viva

    I am glad you like it (again) :D

  • Mohan

    May I have a link to that flower wallpaper?