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Valve’s Steam in Fedora 18

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Of course Fedora doesn’t ship it in their default repos (everyone was expecting for it, but Fedora still denies it) so we need a bit more work. Thanks to Satya you can easily get Steam through Fedora Utils. If you don’t have it you can easily install it.

$ sudo yum install fedorautils

You will find Steam in additional software  and you can install it with a single click. Alternatively you can manually add  the repo.

$ sudo gedit /etc/yum.repos.d/steam.repo

and add:

name=Steam RPM packages and dependencies

Then install it

$ sudo yum install steam

Installation is around 80MB and after you launch it for first time it will ask you another 200MB for update. Steam needs also an account in order to use it, but you can create one through the SteamApp interface, so there is no need to go in their page. However in order to buy a game you need to verify your account by clicking the verification link in the email that Steam will send.


  • 1 GHz Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron with 512 megabytes of RAM and 5 gigabytes of hard drive space, or better
  • Internet connection (Cable/DSL speeds recommended)
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, fully updated (sure!)
  • Latest graphics driver
  • NVidia driver support – For recent cards (e.g. series 8), you will need to install 310.x. For older cards, driver 304.x supports the NVidia 6 and 7 GPU series.
  • AMD driver support – For recent cards (e.g. series 5 and above), we recommend installing the 12.11 driver. For older cards, Catalyst 13.1 Legacy supports the HD 2400 Pro card and is the latest for the 2 and 4 GPU series.
  • Intel HD 3000/4000 driver support – you will need to use the latest Mesa drivers, Mesa 9 or later.

Buy Games

You can pay with all common ways, Paypal, Visa, Master etc and the prices are quite good as part of discounts that last till 21 of February. I bought Trine 2 for 3.74 euros.


Steam suffers from many bugs but they are closing them fast enough. One of them is that you can’t use the interface in Full Screen and if you press “Big Picture”, Steam will crash. That doesn’t affect the games that you can still play full screen. In any case, if you have any kind of bug you should check for it in their GitHub.

nVidia in 64bit

Some games need 32bit drivers. In case you are missing the 32bit libraries the games won’t start without display any error. If you are using akmod/kmod from RPM Fusion you need also to install

$ sudo yum install xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-libs.i686

That applies for cards GeForce 8 and newer. For older cards please check on

Not a clue what happens with the ATI/AMD ones.

Legacy Icons

Steam has the classic bug of many applications that don’t support GNOME 3 Notification Icons, like Dropbox. As a workaround you can use the “Top Icons” Extension”. This will display all Lecacy Icons in Top Panel.



Trine 2

I will go into a very detailed review.. Trine2 is just the best Platform Game I ever played! Review over :)


And she is my favorite character!

Sorry of the weird intro, but every time we refer some non-free software the discussions goes to.. Sometimes to help something you need to make compromises and this is a golden rule in every aspect of our life. From politics of our governments to the personal relations between couples. So I hope to don’t run into Free/Non Free comments :)

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  • Robert Smol

    Hi, anytime I start steam, it tries to get libjpeg-turbo8 which is not in the repo, any hints here?

    • alex285

      I didn’t check on it, but in Fedora the package is named libjpeg-turbo (not libjpeg-turbo8) , and it basically is libjpeg6. You mean that Steam doesnt start at all?

  • Bastian Hougaard

    Personally don’t mind proprietary games, only mind the requirement of having an internet connection all the time when using Steam. This DRM stuff drives me nuts. >_<

  • Guest

    There is an offline mode, so you only need internet connection for activation/shopping/community features/online games – which I think is enough reason to stay online :) You can find that option in Steam > Offline Mode (top left of Steam windows).

  • Snip_d47

    WOAH! That helped a lot! :3

  • Alex_Atkin_UK

    Thank goodness, none of the other guides I found seemed to mention you needed the 32bit libraries so I was getting really frustrated that nothing would actually run.

  • M.C.

    The steam indicator/notification has no bug. It uses libindicator, which falls back to classic Xorg tray if the shell does not support it. There were patches to add indicator support in Gnome, but were rejected. There’s an extension for indicator support now, but it has some missing features.