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Vala Adds WebKit 2 GTK+ 3 Bindings!

Even if GNOME’s official language in Javascript (GJS), developers seems to love Vala. Yorba (Shotwell, Geary, California) does only Vala, Terminal is porting some of its components to Vala, GNOME Games also ported to Vala, elementary OS uses Vala for their applications,  some third applications like Final Term are written in Vala, etc.

Of course there is also Python, which is probably the most widely used general purpose scripting language, with large community and support, both at outside world and in GNOME ecosystem.

And all this internal competition {take as example Seed Vs GJS} with languages brings some confusion. What should I use to write a GNOME App?

WebKit 2 GTK+ 3 Bindings

A couple days ago Vala and Evan Nemerson added webkit2gtk-3.0 and webkit2gtk-web-extension-3.0 bindings  (#676249) which is definitely good news for Vala developers. Of course devs could already use the Webkit2gtk-3.0 in Vala, by importing the Webkit .vapi and .deps files and compile the application against them, but this patch will save them the hassle!

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