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Usage: The very first mockup draft of the new Gnome App!

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Be careful this is another extremely tentative design and just arrived a few hours ago. It hasn’t even been reviewed from Gnome Design Team and there isn’t any official discussion about the following mockups.

Enjoy ;)

The CPU Monitor that let us also to power off the Applications directly from here. As you can notice, most of processes are hidden under the more button and we can actually see only the Applications or more correctly the top CPU consuming processes (which for most of the users are the Apps or a memory leaked Gnome Shell :) ).

The CPU usage is a composite of all CPU cores. Very clean for rookies without sacrificing advanced features for veterans :)

Things are exactly the same for the memory meter also. You can close Apps, you can see more processes.

This is so cool for Laptops. We can monitor the battery usage per Application, but what is more cool is the fact that we can monitor the usage since last re-charge!

The storage usage. We can also watch our Cloud storage units here like Drop Box

and we can navigate into the folders and delete files right off here. That’s a bit confusing.. I don’t really know how this will work.

Surprise! Gnome OS ! I won’t even comment on this, not now  ;)

Software selection shows the Applications sorted by size, and it seems that we can remove/uninstall them from here.


There aren’t many information about Usage. I guess these images will be uploaded on Gnome Live and we’ll get more infos. The only official thing I could find about Usage were the objectives which are very clear from the above images ;)


  • Help the user understand what is going on with the system
  • Help identify problem areas
  • Display overview of:

– Disk space used/available by type of data
– Memory used/available
– Number of active users
– Applications that are actively using CPU
– System CPU usage
– Network bandwidth
– Battery consumption

  • Allow the user to forcefully close applications

That’s all for now!

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  • Amburns10

    This looks really cool, but for things like this I feel like there should be a GPU usage section as well as the normal CPU memory, storage, and battery sections, especially on Linux where the video card drivers are always lacking.

  • pt3

    would it take 10% of cpu to run like Gnome System  Monitor does

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  • ScionicSpectre

    I think the last two things (files and software) are trying to do a bit too much for a Usage application. It doesn’t seem like an obvious place for that stuff. Everything else looks spot on to me- it would be nice to have a beautiful, simple way to view these core metrics, as gnome-system-monitor feels a bit old-school. I guess that, in the future, none of our core applications will be ‘old-school’, anyway.

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