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Ubuntu GNOME Shell Remix!

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The latest release is available for one month now, and is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The feedback from the users has been very positive, but the distribution is not very famous (just over 1100 downloads so far) so the user base is quite small. This remix is offering 32 and 64-bit iso that can work as a live OS too. The system is basically Unity-free, as GNOME Shell is installed by default. The default set of applications include all the core applications of the GNOME DE and even some extras like the gnome-games package.

An official Gubuntu is sure to come into existence sooner or later, but if you can’t wait, you can try this Ubuntu GNOME Shell Remix. If you already have a previous version of Ubuntu, don’t try to update to this Remix from the cd because it will fail. Try it only with a clean install, and tell us what you think!

Download GS Remix    GS Remix Webpage

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  • Erick Rodríguez