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Ubuntu Gnome Remix 12.10 | Review

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First Look

Ubuntu GNOME Remix comes with the best GNOME yet, version 3.6. There were a significant amount of changes since version 3.4. The notification system has been revamped, there’s a whole new login screen lockscreen that depends on GDM also including many design changes.

It’s almost a pure GNOME distribution. Mind the “almost” here. It does have some “Ubuntu” stuff like Ubuntu Online Accounts and an older version of the Nautilus file manager. But nevermind because some apt-get can fix that here.


By default the available applications are:

  • Nautilus File Manager 3.4.2 (Older version)
  • Web (Epiphany) Browser
  • Transmission Torrent Client
  • GNOME Games Pack
  • Standard GNOME apps (Terminal, Disks and others)
  • AbiWord Word Processor and Gneumeric Spreadsheet tool (No LibreOffice by default)
  • No Ubuntu Software Center by default (There’s “Software” instead of that)
  • Shotwell Photo Manager
  • Gwibber Social Client
  • Rhythmbox Music player


As mentioned there’s no Ubuntu Software Center by default. There’s a GNOME application called “Software” for the same purpose. You’d be familiar with this if you’ve used a pure GNOME distro like Fedora. However, you may choose to install Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic using the same.

The “Software” Tool

Nautilus 3.6 via GNOME ppa

Ubuntu GNOME Remix ships with Nautilus 3.4.2 by default as the newer version, Nautilus 3.6, though better-looking and simplistic has reduced functionality.

Gnome Online Accounts and Ubuntu Online Accounts


Both GNOME Online Accounts and Ubuntu Online Accounts are included. Read more about this in our earlier article.

Gnome Tweak Tool

The Gnome Tweak Tool has got a numerous changes with new features like Extension Preferences shortcuts from the Shell Extensions menu, forcing dark theme for all applications and more. Read here for a full review.

How to get the “pure” GNOME experience

Now this will help you get a pure GNOME experience by updating Nautilus, Gnome Settings and iBus. Just use the following commands.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3 (For Nautilus, Brasero and more)

Experimental PPAs – Not Stable, not well tested

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jbicha/ibus (iBus 1.6) 
 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ricotz/testing (Upstream Gnome Shell) 
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

*Check on these two PPA’s before you adding them for more info.

Speed & Stability

Ubuntu 12.10 has greatly improved speed and stability. The PPA system provides you with almost everything be it software, kernels, drivers and it isn’t difficult to recover the system if you mess up with it. Gnome and Ubuntu work pretty well together. Everything seems much smoother and faster than 12.04 + GNOME 3.4

The Beautiful Desktop – GNOME 3.6

Ubuntu 12.10 Gnome Remix comes with the latest and greatest GNOME 3.6

The new features in this release include a new notification system, a completely revamped lockscreen and much much more.

Other things you should be knowing:

  • Web (Epiphany) does not support Flash in Ubuntu 12.10. If you need Flash, try Firefox or Chromium.
  • Boxes is not included as it wasn’t working earlier in the release cycle. Also, qemu-linaro (qemu-kvm-spice) doesn’t built on i386 in Ubuntu. qemu-kvm with spice support does build in Debian though on i386.
  • Documents is not included as it currently depends on LibreOffice, at least as packaged in Debian & Ubuntu.
  • LibreOffice is a more powerful office suite.
  • Ubuntu One is not included by default as it doesn’t feel like a GNOME app.
  • If you want the GNOME Classic with-effects session to work, install compiz.
  • If you want Ubuntu-style notifications in GNOME Classic, install notify-osd.
  • Evolution doesn’t add Gmail accounts. (Solution: On the final page of the setup wizard, uncheck the boxes to add Contacts & Calendar sync to work around this issue) This will be fixed in an update shortly.
  • As you know, there are two Online Accounts entries in System Settings. One is the GNOME tool which you can use for Contacts, Documents, and Evolution. The other is Ubuntu’s tool for Empathy, Gwibber, Shotwell, and if you install it, Unity. Hopefully for 13.04, we’ll be able to use just one tool.
  • The category headings in System Settings have ugly “missing icon” icons.
  • The system status menu (the “cog” indicator at the far right in GNOME Clasic) doesn’t show up in some cases or display correctly when using the default Adwaita theme or the accessibility themes.
  • A separate ubuntu-control-center will not make it into Ubuntu 12.10 but may still happen for 13.04.
  • Virtualbox drm driver fails to auto-load.

Download Ubuntu 12.10 GNOME Remix

All in all, Ubuntu 12.10 GNOME Remix is a combination of an amazing and intuitive user interface and a powerful Ubuntu core. So what’re you still waiting for? Go hit the download!

32 bit


Direct Links:
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:

64 bit


Direct Links:
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:

Ubuntu Gnome Home Page

*You can also check on our UGR Beta Preview for some additional info.

Thanks to all contributors!

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  • user

    Sounds like the best Ubuntu release so far! Ubuntu GNOME community has been doing great work.

    It’s possible that some more awesome work is needed from Ubuntu GNOME community to get things roll forward:

    • alex285

      Ubuntu maintains a page with instructions how to make a port to systemd. But basically at the moment isn’t working.

  • Michal Vašut

    Is this Ubuntu Gnome remix the same as GNOMEbuntu from ?

    • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

      From what i remember from earlier discussion, yes

    • billtoulas

      Yes this is the GNOMEbuntu

  • JJ

    One of the things interesting is the exactly matching release cycles. In one way it helps us to have the latest gnome releases way faster (we have gnome shell 3.6.1 in ubuntu gnome) but on the other hand, we might loose on some changes (ibus etc.). Basically we still depend on the ubuntu framework. Also, ubuntu adds lot of clutter and the entire distro respond slower than say fedora.
    A good start, still a long way to go!

  • Jeremy Bicha

    Please don’t recommend my experimental ibus PPA or at least put some significant warnings on it. I had trouble when I tried to PPA purge it (perhaps because of the gconf>gsetttings transition, downgrades don’t seem to be well supported). I won’t promise that I’ll devote the time to maintaining it as I’ll be moving on to 13.04 development soon. If nux ever gets a new version before the PPA does, then Unity will no longer run. Since nux is part of the Unity stack, it does get upgrades fairly regularly.

    In other words, there are good reasons why that stack is not in the GNOME3 PPA.

    • alex285

      Ok done!

      • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

        Yes i have the same problem as well, I’m not sure how to fix it either

    • Guest

      Yes i have the same problem as well, I’m not sure how to fix it either :(

  • jaideep kekre

    Been waiting for this for a long time , btw im sure you can get the same experience by adding the gnome 3 repo in a vanilla -unity installation and selecting gnome as the environment at the ldm , or am i wrong ?

    Ps i did’nt know you were a contributor here :D

    • alex285

      Yes at the moment that will work. Also you need to install and make default GDM for screen lock to run.

  • Simar Malhan

    Thumbs up, Bro. Keep doing good!

  • Nirja Salangaonkar

    Thank you for making me famous :P

  • Vanilla

    where should we report bugs?

    I’m not able to open a new window in web or firefox using the “favorite dock” and the installer doesn’t work.

    • alex285

      If you check on their wiki page (Green Button on the end of post), they have a section “Reporting Bugs” :)

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  • Tuxy

    Long Live Xubuntu!

  • André Klausnitzer

    I am very undiced which distro to choose that currently ships with Gnome 3.6; first between Arch and Fedora and now this; Ubuntu joins the game. *huh*

    • alex285

      It’s very simple, if you are using Ubuntu, just switch to Ubuntu Gnome, if you are using Fedora stick with Fedora (18 is really good), if you are using Arch, you would never made this question :)

      If you don’t have Linux yet and you don’t want hard times, use Ubuntu Gnome, if you want to learn more things about how Linux works use Arch (which is kinda hard to install) ..Fedora will make you to Google a bit about bugs, but is a super fast distro and ships a pure Gnome.

      • André Klausnitzer

        I am using Debian testing for years now. ^^ And may first attempt to install Arch on my 5 year old hardware was a success. Unfortunatly, it is too old for Gnome 3.4; very laggy. If I found out, how to setup pacman for the testing-repos, I hope to have a faster running Gnome 3.6.

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  • phanindra

    adding ppa helps installing latest gnome-shell ? like 3.7 ?

    • alex285

      yes this will upgrade all packages according to ppa specifications (including Gnome Shell). But it will also break GS extensions and themes. ppa-purge won’t work to revert changes, and you should do it manually. You should add it only if you are sure what are you doing :)

      • phanindra

        ok thanx

  • pixelwasp

    I tried Gnome 3 from Ubuntu and liked it so much I did a full install. After a bit of a headache with nvidia drivers I have everything running smoothly.

    I didn’t dislike Unity but have to say I prefer this remix.

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  • rileybphoto

    I just wanted to say thanks to the team for putting this together! I have it running on my new ultrabook and it is awesome :) If there was actually a proper website for this distro, I would thank them there.

    The only thing I changed was Ubuntu Software Centre instead of gnome-pakcagekit.

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