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Tweak Tool 3.10 reveals AppMenus in Applications!

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Latest Tweak Tool features a new UI based on GNOME 3 HIG and designed by Allan Day, John Stowers and Alex Muñoz and a couple of new options. While Tweak Tool is really useful, it isn’t a core GNOME App, and it’s up to the Distros to provide it. In the case of Fedora 20 is absent, so you may want to manually install it, but in most other GNOME Distros it comes pre-installed.


GTT in 3.10 comes with a massive improved UI and it leads the way that GCC (GNOME Control Center) will “possibly” follow on the upcoming releases.


Surprisingly Tweak Tool’s UI makes Control Center to feel old fashion.. This is a personal speculation, but I believe (based on mockups and talks with design team members) that GCC at some point might use a left Menu List for grouping and accessing the System Settings, similar to Tweak Tool.

Other than this, Tweak Tool provides a clearer interface to edit Shell Extensions, and is resizable in contrast to Control Center window, which is kinda annoying.

AppMenus back in Applications Windows

G-Menus or Application Menus was (and probably still is) one of the most discussed issues in GNOME 3. Even 2 years later, it is clearly a usability issue for a large group of people. GTT is trying to solve this by an option to set Menus back in GNOME Applications a not very good way to be honest.


This is the fallback AppMenu position when we run a GNOME App in a non-GNOME environment. Except that looks bad it also cause a bug in the non-re-sizable windows by cutting off the space on the bottom edge of applications.

Personal Opinion: If they could add an AppMenu Fallback icon in CSD, they would make lots of users happier.


Those are all the typing options in Tweak Tool 3.10 -not sure what they added what they removed :/


Window Focus

There is also an option to set “Focus Follows Mouse” but it seems to don’t work at the moment, is Beta version anyway. So while Window gets focus in Mouse Over, it doesn’t get raised.


In the previous post about CSD I mentioned that in 3.10 CSD Apps users won’t be able to add Max/Min buttons. What I forgot to mention is the issue that comes up in GNOME Classic Mode when Minimize Functionality is critical. GNOME Design Team will work on this in the next version of GNOME (3.12), so this is a really drawback for Classic Mode users.

Every other option is the same as GTT 3.8!


GNOME 3 seems to be a work in progress and it gets massive changes from version to version. One serious issue is that some features comes uncompleted and looks odd, making users wondering why devs do that. GNOME features are planned around 12-18 months ahead and that leads to unfinished modules.

For instance you all remember the weird background selection that it was requiring an unnecessary click to set a wallpaper.


GNOME 3.10 with the dual Wallpaper Selection (one for lock screen, one for desktop) justifies this choice. There are unlimited examples of such cases, but the truth is that GNOME has a very strong vision where they want to be and what they want to accomplished. At least for the next 18 months!

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  • Eduard Gotwig

    Intressting that you see the new gnome tweak tool design layout as a better alternative to control center. I havent tought about this.

    You are probably right: A lot of GNOME / GTK interfaces just tried to copy MAC OS X in this direction, rethinking and thinking about alternatives is a better idea.

    I really like the idea of a gnome control center, based on the design layout of gnome tweak tools.

    Thanks for the post, superb written.

  • Remjg

    Having the hability to display the application menu in the windows is really needed in case of small windows (especially when you have multiple windows of the same app).

    I really wanted this feature when I was using the previous version of the extension “Hide Top bar”, but now they have added pressure barrier to trigger the top bar (and access the app menu) so it just works fine.

    I hope there will be a better way of putting back the application menu in the windows.

  • Alex

    Can’t they just axe the GMenus? They’re more trouble than they’re worth.

    • Philip Witte

      ^ This.

      Like Alex suggest in the article, I really wish GMenu would be replaced with a drop-down icon in the new HeaderBar (since applications that use that are really the only ones making use of GMenu anyways).

    • KD

      Nice article by the way:

      Un-breaking the app menu section is best HIG to GMenu ever!

    • bwat47

      Agreed. I love most of what they’ve done with gnome 3 and gnome-shell, but gmenu is just…meh. Unity’s global menu implementation is much better.

  • Magneira

    Are you using rawhide or those screenshoots are from the gnome developers?

    • alex285

      This is Fedora 20 from Nightly Build

      • Magneira

        How stable it is? I would like to use at home, not for work, just as a user on my notebook. I have a separte machine for work with fedora 19.

        • alex285

          On 4 days they release F20 Alpha Version. Maybe you should wait and read bugs there. “Stable” is up to your skill, how easily you can fix issues ;)

          Personally, in all the bugs Fedora had, I found a workaround really fast :/

  • tkdchen

    Can this be used in GNOME 3.8 when release? I’m running Fedora 19. Just upgraded to F19 recently.

    • alex285

      Nop, you cannot use a 3.10 module in 3.8 installation and you can’t either install GNOME 3.10 in Fedora 19. But you can try a dual boot with Fedora 20.