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Trying GIMP GTK+ 3 Port, With JHBuild

GIMP GTK+ 3 port, is basically GIMP 3, the release that will come after 2.10. So we are still far from it; maybe it comes inside this year or early 2015. There aren’t any release dates as far as I know.

Latest stable release version is 2.8.x, and the unstable (towards to 2.10 series) is 2.9.x which is pretty much usable. You can see some of the new things for 2.10 at:

And the roadmap at:

GIMP 3 includes all the new features and changes of 2.9 plus the migration from GTK2 to GTK3, a work mostly made from Michael Natterer from GIMP Development Team.

GIMP3 currently depends on GTK+ 3.4, so don’t expect any fancy things that came in the latest GTK+ versions.


GTK stands (or at least used to!) for GIMP ToolKit while “+” (GTK+) added after GTK being redesigned using object-oriented programming techniques. GNOME and GTK+ 3 were released in April 2011, but 3 years later, GIMP is still depended on GTK2. By definition, this is so wrong!

For once again I’m trying GIMP3 and this time was the most encouraging. All my previous attempts failed, since GIMP3 at random points was consuming too much CPU that was freezing the whole system. Yeap, Linux can hang after all!

[caption id="attachment_26659" align="aligncenter" width="640"]gimp3-mytheme My fantastic GTK theme in its early steps![/caption]

GIMP3 is using Adwaita dark theme, but they might write a custom one since the support from GNOME’s default theme is quite limited.

[caption id="attachment_26660" align="aligncenter" width="640"]gimp3-gegl-operations Gegl functions[/caption]

To be honest I haven’t tried GIMP3 a lot yet, but whatever tool I tried worked, with some re-drawing/updating issues.

[caption id="attachment_26662" align="aligncenter" width="640"]gimp3-cpu CPU hungry![/caption]

Unfortunately the CPU extensive consumption is still here, but it doesn’t occur as often as in previous versions. You can easily reproduce it by switching views (ie. single-window-mode), or it can also happens in other random cases.

JHBuild Installations

You can install GIMP3 in Fedora from a Copr repository, but the Gegl 0.3 dependency will brake Gegl 0.2 and some GNOME Apps. So before you use this repo, you should be able to deal with such issues.

JHBuild users can just edit their jhbuildrc file, and build and run GIMP as normal.

branches['gimp'] = (None, 'gtk3-port')
branches['gegl'] = (None, 'master')

Build and run

$ jhbuild build gimp
$ jhbuild run gimp-2.99

GNOME’s JHBuild takes just 5-8 minutes to set it up (plus the dependencies installation and compiling time), and it has a very nice documentation, so don’t be scared to try it out!

Are You An Adventurer?

If you love adventures you can always build GIMP with the old fashion way: ./configure, make, make install :)

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