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Try Firefox Australis!

Mozilla Foundation always proves that it has some of the most talented engineers even if it is a no-profit organization. Their latest work is called Firefox Australis, featuring an updated visual design, streamlined tab strip, updated Firefox menu and improved customization.

Australis will land in Firefox stable channel in the few next months. It is a new version of Firefox, not a new product.


You can get the binaries from


I don’t have lots of Firefox extensions, but what I had, it was compatible with Australis.

Firefox OS Availability

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  • lnxslck

    Goog guy Mozilla, a true Open Source company.

    • icywind

      It’s not a company but a foundation.

  • Michael Heyns

    Been using for a few weeks now without problems.
    Don’t forget to check out the FxOpera and FxChrome Firefox themes as well as the Maximus GNOME extension for a more integrated GNOME application feel!!!

    • Tyler King

      I use the Htitle addon for FF so it gets rid of the title bar while while maximized in Gnome. Does this extension still work with Australis?

      • alex285

        Extension is compatible with Australis but doesn’t do anything.

        • Cristobal Tapia

          Then it is not compatible?

          • alex285

            It is install-able, that I mean by compatible :)

          • Cristobal Tapia

            Ok, that could be a definition ;) LoL

          • Tyler King

            Thanks, so does the Maximus do the same?

    • Hari

      How about this :)

      • Hari

        Hope the comment appears this time with image

        • Hari

          ok giving up

    • Hari
      • Michael Heyns

        Now THAT looks very vanilla GNOME. {tips hat}

  • w1ngnut

    Nice!!! Beautiful animations!

  • stee1rat

    Anyone on arch here? How have you avoided the full screen trouble in flash?