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Transmission 2.76 released!

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Version 2.76 Change Log:

All Platforms

  • Better error logging when user-provided scripts can’t be executed
  • The “Time Remaining” property wasn’t set for torrents with webseeds but no peers
  • Fix rare error that created a directory name “$HOME”

GTK+ Client

  • Fix sort-by-age regression introduced in 2.74
  • The “Edit Trackers” window didn’t resize properly due to a 2.70 regression
  • Raise the main window when presenting it from an App Indicator

Qt Client

  • Add magnet link support to transmission-qt.desktop
  • Fix notification area bug that inhibited logouts & desktop hibernation
  • Use the “video” icon when the torrent is an mkv or mp4 file
  • Toggling the “Append ‘.part’ to incomplete files’ names” had no effect
  • Fix display of the torrent name in the Torrent Options dialog
  • Fix cursor point bug in the filterbar’s entry field
  • Fix crash when adding a magnet link when Transmission was only visible in the system tray
  • Fix free-memory-read error on shutdown


  • Better watchdir support
  • Documentation fixes in transmission-remote’s manpage

Web Client

  • Fix indentation of the torrent list and toolbar buttons on mobile devices


  • If the Download directory doesn’t exist, try to create it instead of exiting


What you may wonder is when version 3.0 will be released and what new things is it going to bring. Well…the next step is 2.80 which is only 4 tickets away from now and no clear plans about when version 3.0 will be released and what new things should we expect has been officially announced yet.

Since magnet links are properly supported thanks to the work that has been done in the last versions, I believe that the next steps will be ensuring stability, providing more configuration options and better IPv6 related functions support. The reported bugs and enhancement proposals that concern the GTK+ client are currently more than 20 including the following:

  • Population of Gnome application menu
  • Better integration with Gnome notification area
  • More detailed progress bars
  • Remember filter status
  • Better confirmation dialog when deleting torrents

We shall wait and see how Transmission becomes a better and more powerful tool in our hands. Till then, you can download and compile the latest 2.76 version to benefit from the few but important fixes that it brings.

  Transmission Website

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