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Tracker Search Provider Shell Extension

When in overview mode of Gnome-Shell, everytime you enter a string, the Shell displays found results for you. This can be programs, contacts etc. This extension displays the results, which the tracker framework delivers – obviously, you need a working tracker framework (

It is only invoked, for searches (=string length) above 2 characters.

This extension is derived from Since it looks like it was abandoned, it is completely refactored to work again in Gnome-Shell 3.10 onward.


Files Search Provider does’t display files location?!

I don’t use the Files Search Provider as it doesn’t work for me, and I just enabled it for taking the screenshot. This extension isn’t perfect, but it has a chance (with a little bit work!) to do whatever Shell doesn’t do right. What Shell does wrong, is the poor display of the search results.

It would be nice if this extension could provide some tracker options, like “searching only for images”.

$ tracker-search --images

Anyway you are one click away from trying this out. Note that Tracker Search Provider Extension is for GNOME 3.10 only.

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